“Aurielle Brimmer is Femme Fatale.”

Aurielle-BrimmerQ: Fantasy: Who’s Aurielle Brimmer…. what do you love and admire most about her? Who’s her idol and why? 

A: Aurielle Brimmer : Aurielle Brimmer is a 26year old God fearing multi-talented woman, (triple threat) Dancer, (Choreographer), SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Actress, and owner (Femme Fatale Dolls) performance group/dance company. I love that she is a “Go-Getter” and that she’s branded her name all by herself through promoting and networking her talents without the help of an agent.

My Mother (Cassandra) who gave me life and has supported me since day one is both my idol and  #1 fan/supporter. She has always been there and always had me dancing and involved in every activity you can possibly think of. My mom basically had “No Life” it was and still is all about me. I admire my mom a lot… she’s the BEST MOTHER in the world.

Q: Fantasy: When did you first realize that you could dance and were talented enough to be both an actress/dancer? Are your talents inherited?

A: Aurielle Brimmer : At the age of eight or nine I was enrolled at Ballet Hysell. I auditioned for “The Nutcracker,” which at the time used to be held at The Saenger Theatre, here in New Orleans. I was chosen to play the role of a mouse! ((LOL)) That’s when I realized that I could dance. Dancing isn’t inherited although, I come from a family of talented individuals such members include Charles Brimmer and Rapper Terius “Juvenile” Gray.

I was in college at Delgado Community College and on the Dolphin Jazz dance Team and the casting director came to our school looking for dancers for the movie “Ray.” starring Jamie Foxx and Clifton Powell. I auditioned for the role and was cast as a featured dancer, that was my 1st movie. While onset I met actor Clifton Powell and we became friends.He took me under his wing and now assists me in anyway that he can (when it comes to pushing my career further). After we wrapped the filming of “Ray,” he was back in New Orleans and invited me to come and watch the making of music videos. While onset the assistant director saw me and asked him whether or not I was in the video. I replied no… I’m here with Clifton just watching. The guy said well, do u want to be in the video and I said are u paying me? ((LOL)) He, said yes and I accepted. Next, the female wardrobe stylist came over and jotted down my contact info. She instructed me on what to wear etc. The very next day I was filming my 1st music video and I had a feature role. I realized soon after that I wanted to do this on a professional level and that people must recognize my talent that I possess in order to have been interested in casting me for such a role.The rest is history!

Q: Fantasy: At what point in your life did your dreams begin to breathe life into entrepreneurship? How difficult is it being an African American, female entrepreneur? How do male entrepreneurs treat you?

A: Aurielle Brimmer :  After dancing for everyone every where and locally, I branded my name and I was ready for the world to see my vision. On May 10, 2010 I started my dance group/company “Femme Fatale 6“/ formerly known as ShowGirls Productions,LLC. I’ve always danced and helped bring others visions to life, but I was ready to show the visionary, producer, director and choreographer within myself. The industry business is hard period but, because I am an African American female, I feel like I have to prove myself 10 times harder and raise the bar 10 times higher. The industry is male dominated. You have to be on your p’s & q’s at all times, on top of your game, demand respect and know your worth. I honestly receive a great deal of respect from men. I have worked with many of them. Some of the others would like to work with me, so I havent had any bad experiences(knock on wood) ((LOL))! They either know or have heard that I’m about my business and I demand respect. I respect myself, Im a hard worker and a professional so you can’t help but, respect me.

Q: Fantasy:What can your business and talents do(in your opinion)to revive the community? What can our misguided children learn from you that may steer them in the right direction?

A: Aurielle Brimmer : I’ve already begun; with the youth in the community. This past parade season I volunteered as a dance coach with the “Hollywood South Academy of Dance and Arts.” The young girls who had no prior dance experience were trained for 2 months. I also choreographed their routines. They marched in 3 parades this past Mardi Gras season and were awarded a trophy from the crew of Zulu for their performance. I shared with them all of my achievements and told them to never give up on your dreams in hopes of inspiring them to reach for the stars. I brought images of myself to practice one day so that they could see all of the celebrities I’ve met and worked with. The expression on their faces was priceless. They would say… I wanna do that and I told them… you can do anything that u want to do just believe in yourself. If I can reach one person that’s an accomplishment for me. I wanna inspire kids and everyone in a positive way.

Q: Fantasy: You’re on your way to the movie set… you’ve been selected as a co-star(this is the biggest pay check and role of your career thus far and will aid you in getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame)… along the way you’re on the interstate a bleeding woman in labor has experienced a tire blow out and flags you down because she desperately needs a ride to the hospital, which is three miles from the set and will cause you to be late, what do you do and why?

A: Aurielle Brimmer : I would stop to help her and immediately call 911. I’m a caring individual there’s no way that I could pass someone in need by; especially during a state of emergency. I would also call the set to let them know that I’m in route, but I have a serious family emergency(in hopes to buy time so that I wouldn’t be late). I would stay with her as long as I could and assist her in every way possible by calling everyone that could help us. Hopefully, things work out in both of our favors… where I can help her and still make it to the movie set within a timely fashion so that I do not miss out on such a big opportunity.

Q: Fantasy: How have your life experiences enabled you to grow as a person?

A: Aurielle Brimmer : A lot of people don’t know that I was a victim of rape and child molestation. Those horrible experiences have molded me into the strong woman that I am today. I refused to allow them to take control of my life. “I Thank God that I’m still here today.” Although, those were bad situations many people don’t live to tell their story.  I am grateful that I am a living testimony to others and I would like to assure them that u can overcome almost anything. “Don’t let your past hinder your future”.

Q: Fantasy: What’s the nicest thing that a person you’ve trained has ever said to you? How did it effect you?

A: Aurielle Brimmer : The girls that I coached this past parade season always said… “I wanna be like coach (Aurielle) or I wanna be in movies like you.” Those words spoke to me and touched me in so many ways. You never realize that the world is watching you… that you’re an inspiration to or have motivated someone to reach for the stars. You don’t have to be a celebrity in order to receive a compliment that can make you feel like a million bucks. To help those young women… I enjoyed them! Although I don’t have children of my own, at present, they became the kids that I never had.

Q: Fantasy: How do you feel after being interviewed?

A: Aurielle Brimmer : WOW! I feel great!… I hope that others have been granted the opportunity to get to know me little better. During this interview I opened up and shared a little more info. than usual. I hope to be an inspiration others. “Never give up on yourself or your dreams.”

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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