Blow My High Starring Beat Doctor Muzic Group ft. Ay Bay Bay, Juvenile, Mr. Magic, and Greedi (Raw Boyz)

Blow My High Starring Beat Doctor Muzic Group ft. Ay Bay Bay, Juvenile, Mr. Magic, and Greedi (Raw Boyz)

Blow My High

Blow My High

Beat Doctor: Ron Griffin, Jr. is a native of New Orleans, La. He began his career in the music business as Lil Soulja with Seven Figure Records. His first album Flossin was released in 1998, and sold over 6,000 copies in the underground market. Although the project didn’t yield the success he hoped it would, he gained street creditability which opened doors to the New Orleans hip hop community. His lyrical talent and ability to create hooks landed him as a ghostwriter for many New Orleans artists. He also featured on songs for some of New Orleans top rappers such as B.G., Juvenile, 5th Ward Weebie, Choppa, and the list goes on. In 2000, Lil Soulja was now 7th ward Soulja and WOA NAA Productions was born. The name wasn’t the only thing that changed though. Soulja discovered his talents for making music and dropping hard knock beats. Later he met Ronnie Jessemy Jr., (CEO of RAW & UNCUT ENT.), and just like that a partnership was formed. They dropped his sophomore album Ghetto Terminology in 2003 which featured the single ROCK YO BODY and made his first video that appeared on B.E.T. UNCUT for 1 year. As a duo, they began to make noise in the industry and other artist took notice. B.G. and Soulja collaborated for 9 tracks on the Living Legend album. He also produced tracks for CHOPPA, 5th WARD WEEBIE, LIL BOOSIE, WEBBIE, and KANE and ABEL just to name a few. Then came MR. MAGIC. He did 4 hot tracks on MAGIC’s ON MY OWN album and produced the hit single I SMOKE, I DRINK on Body Head Bangers, Roy Jones label. With that, Da BEAT DOCTOR was introduced to the world. He is a major talent in the business and will soon make his mark. So look to hear more from him in the future. ===>Connected and respected<====

Beat Doctor

Beat Doctor

Ladies and gentlemen last night was explosive! The love and support that Beat doctor Muzic Group received was unwavering. There were cameos and guest visits from artists and entertainment personalities that are real staples within the music community. Some of our guest appearances were Wild Wayne (Q93), Sess 4-5 (Nuthin’ But Fire Records), Shawt, Merk the Lyrical Tantrum, Go DJ Black N Mild, Keiani Models, Noonie B. & T. Stewie just to name a few! You missed one helluva party! Shout out to Mr. Charles over at Dish on Haynes for hanging out with us all night.

Director Imani Shakur & Crew

Stay tuned for the follow up write up where I will post the actual video.  It was directed by Imani Shakur (Infinite Stories Entertainment Group). Keiani Models Kelishia King, Phoebe James, and Jhona Watts had a blast. Blow My High is a classic head and club banger. You can thank me later.

(left) Merk the Lyrical Tantrum, Phoebe J. (top right) Sess 4-5, Kelishia K. (bottom right) Greedi, Jhona W., Mr Magic

(left) Smoke Action, Merk, Beat Doctor (botton left) Beat Doctor, Sess 4-5, Wyld Wayne, Go DJ Black N Mild (right) phoebe J. Shawt, Kelishia K. (botton right) Noonie B., Fantasy, T. Stewie

Lights! Camera! Action!

**Loudly singing… drunk high in the club, drunk high in the club, drunk high in the club… b#t@h I’m feeling good you can’t blow my high.** Here’s a sneak peek of what you missed…

“It’s a party! It’s a party! It’s a partyyyyy!!!”

“That’s a Wrap!”

Director Imani Shakur, Greedi, Juvenile, and Beat Doctor

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

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