Family Feud: Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral

Family Feud: Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral


Bobbi Kristina Brown


They’re Still at It

In Atlanta, this past Saturday during a private funeral service, family and friends said their final goodbyes to 22 yr. old Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobbi Kristina died in hospice care on July 26, Six months after being found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub at her Atlanta home. Although, She was hospitalized and placed on life support following the incident, sadly she never regained consciousness.

Bobbi Kristina was the only child of the late, great Whitney Houston, and daughter of singer Bobby Brown. Her Invite- only Services were held at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Ga. Some of the Attendees included family members Cissy Houston (grandmother), Bobby Brown (father). Celebrities such as Monica and media mogul Tyler Perry were also in attendance. Things were as can be expected for such a sad occasion until family feud occurred.


In the past it was stated, by sources, that her family was fighting over her care. In June Bobby Brown said that they were working together. However, during the middle of the service, Bobbi Kristina‘s aunt (Leolah Brown) walked over to the media gathered outside the church exclaiming she had just been kicked out of the service for shouting at Pat Houston, (Whitney Houston‘s sister-in-law) Will the family bury the hatchet and get along for Pete’s sake? Well, according to Leolah BrownTrust me. It’s not over.” What are your thoughts?

Farwell Bobbi Kristina

We sincerely hope that things work out for the best for all parties involved. They have endured enough pain and suffering due to tragic circumstances. It’s really Sad that how both Bobbi Kristina and her mom Whitney Houston died (in the bath tub) in a similar manner.

TMZ reports: Members of both the Brown and Houston Families spoke during the service. Tyler Perry was also a speaker. Her father (Bobby Brown) was not on the list of speakers, but he wrote a heartfelt message that read “I also will always love you.” Once the funeral came to an end Bobbi Kristina received her final farewell and send- off from her mother (Whitney Houston), the song, Jesus Loves Me.

By the way Bobbi Kristina‘s estranged boyfriend Nick Gordon was not present at the service. Although, he begged Bobby Brown, Nick was not welcomed to attend. Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s reception was held at her aunt Pat Houston‘s home in Atlanta. What began as a sad occasion turned into a celebration of life in loving memory of Bobbi Kristina.

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