Cayanne “I Am A Male Entertainer… Anyone Can Strip!”



Q:fantasy:Your stage name is Cayanne… How are stage names selected? Are you an exotic dancer/male stripper? Define the correlation between the two. Did you ever think that you would choose this line of work? If not what was your initial career of choice… when did the change of heart come about?

A:Cayanne: Stage names are selected by the individuals. My name was derived from Maurice “Mo Better Blues” and another dancer “Nasty Love.” I consider myself a male entertainer because I entertain women. Anyone can be a stripper all you need to do is take your clothes off, but everyone isn’t an entertainer. It requires enough skill that will enable to captivate a woman’s mind. You must make women feel special as if they’re the best person in the room.

Past Life and Future Goals

“No indeed!”  My goal was to be in the NFL, I ran track and went to Southern University of Baton Rouge. I was a nursing major. I was in college always dancing at parties and having fun. I was coming home from the gym and I was approached by members of the senior class if I would strip for them. I didn’t even have a G-string I wore cut up boxers. ((LOL)) I put a whole lot of baby oil on the song was “Let’s make love” by Silk. After that introduction I did 4 more parties. My mainstream introduction was “Mo Better Blues

Early Life

Q:fantasy: In which neighborhoods did you reside when you were a kid? Which schools did you attend? Would you have considered yourself the nerdy type or a bully? When we were kids… we played games… which was your favorite? If you played spin the bottle and it landed on the ugly girl; what was your reaction?

A:Cayanne: I lived on the west bank (the cut off) I lived in the New Oleans East near Sarah T. Reed High School. I attended Sherwood Forest Elementary school, Fannie C. Williams Middle School and Sarah T. Reed High School. I was a nerd… glasses, S curl with baby bangs and all. ((LOL)) I was the fastest runner and was somewhat popular. My favorite childhood game was “It” and Catch, Kiss, Get A Lil Bit.” I gave them a peck instead of a real kiss!

Personal Growth

Q:fantasy: As you continue to grow as an individual… how do you feel that your outlook on life as a whole has changed from when you were a teen vs. adulthood? If you were granted the opportunity to be a mentor what would you say to a group of adolescents? What things do you know at present that you wished you would’ve known (in reference to making everyday life decisions)?

A:Cayanne: First of all, I have bills now. They play a major role in my life. I don’t regret dancing, but I would’ve been more knowledgeable about college choices (i.e. number of hours, etc.) and not just going to college to be with my friends. As an adult your steps are mostly premeditated. You should always follow your heart and make your own decisions.

Separating Yourself From Your Career

Also, be who you wanna be and not the person that others expect you to be. I have learned that you can’t take anything in life for granted and never get a “big head.” I am now humble and hungry.” I truly enjoy my work and having a good time.

Q:fantasy: How easy is it to be who you are, as an individual vs. Cayanne the exotic dancer. How do you go about separating the two?

A:Cayanne: It’s hard because everyone sees me as Cayanne… no one knows Tommy. Tommy is a laid back homebody. I love to play play station. “I’m putting up that I will bust everybody’s A$$ in Madden!! Cayanne is the charmer, he’s seductive, outgoing, smiles and laughs all the time. His goal is to make everyone feel special.  When we are away from my business and we have a conversation you get Tommy. I don’t choose to discuss my line of work unless I’m working.

Massage Therapy at it’s Finest

Q:fantasy: Hey I was told that you’re a great masseur! Describe the art of full body massages, the response from your clients and how it makes you feel? Do you give foot massages as well? What if the person has smelly feet, bunions, corns and calluses? Have you ever encountered any of these things?

:fantasy: ((LOL))

A:Cayanne: The art of full body massages for me… I love to massage while listening to music. My massages glide to the rhythm of the music and it helps me understand whether the massage should be intense or gentle. It feels as if when I massage I’m helping the clients relax. The type of compliments that I receive are “are you finished already” “some fall asleep and most get horny” ((LOL)) I keep it professional. Yes, I also give foot massages.

To myself I be like WTF where is my peppermint lotion and I close my eyes because I can’t face the customer. Closing my eyes keep me from laughing and knowing what I’m facing. I try to imagine other things, but I can’t I’m just in a state of disbelief and disgust. OMG!! I think it’s gross.

Dancing Behind the Scenes

Q:fantasy: We hear about all sorts of things that take place behind the scenes… in your line of work. Is it true that some dancers get addicted to drugs and become heavy users? How likely is it for someone to engage in sexual favors in order to gain more clientele? How effective do you feel these methods are? Does jealousy or envy exist? Are “undercover brothers” more prevalent in such environments? Why do you feel this way and how do you deal with it? Please elaborate.

A:Cayanne: It is true that some get addicted to drugs. Some people are nervous and need them to perform. We drink to get our blood flowing and some people smoke weed, but no heavy drugs that I know of. People engage in sexual favors all the time it happens more often than people think. As, a result, those methods can be very effective and there are some women that will do anything for a dancer that she desires.

Haters Are Every Where

“F@*k^&g right!” both jealousy and envy exist. Everyone feels like they wanna be on top, but everyone can’t be on top. There’s a lot of he say… she say that goes on. There are female haters as well.  Yes “undercover brothers” exist, but most of them hide it well. There are probably some, but I don’t know about them nI@@@s and if I did they wouldn’t be dancing around me.

Fan Base and Support

Q:fantasy: It is rumored that a male exotic dancers’ largest fan base consists of big beautiful women? Do you agree? Who shows the most love financially (making it “rain”) the average or plus sized divas?

A:Cayanne: I feel that it’s half and half. They come out and support us just as much as any other female. The plus sized divas make it rain, my crowd is diversified.

Q:fantasy: When you dance… what inspires the ideas behind your shows? What’s your daily ritual in preparation for each show? How are costumes selected? Do you get into character according to what you wear? How often do you work out? How much do you bench press(max # of pounds)?


A:Cayanne: Pleasing women inspires my shows and doing what I think they may like. Before I dance I listen to the music that I will be dancing to before each performance. After a show I go home. Depends on what I want when… Sometimes I’m inspired by other’s costumes that I may have seen. They give me ideas. I get into character according to what I wear. I work out 3-4 times a week and I bench press 330 lbs.

Q:fantasy: In addition, for all of my ladies who desire to know… is Cayanne single!?! How easy is it to be in this business and be in a relationship? Do most women that make an effort to get involved with you… suffer from trust issues and insecurity? Do you plan to marry someday? Will you stop dancing anytime soon? How lucrative is the business?

A:Cayanne: Yes, I do have a girlfriend. Being in this business and having a relationship… it isn’t easy at all. Every relationship that I get involved in most women don’t feel that they’re enough for me. I plan to get married someday eveyone deserves that. I won’t stop dancing anytime soon I don’t see a reason to stop I’m in my prime. It’s very, very lucrative if you know how to manage your money.

In Conclusion

Q:fantasy: Furthermore, who is your greatest inspiration? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? If you could change three thing about yourself that you feel may aid you in changing the world what would those three things be(in order of importance)? Why?

A:Cayanne: My parents are my greatest inspiration they are behind me. Living life how I wanna live it… to the fullest is what makes me happy. Haters make me sad, but it drives me to be great. If I would have pursued football and nursing seems like they would have changed the world for me. I wish I had a better relationship with my parents and I wanna find a church home.

Q:fantasy: How do you feel after being interviewed? Do you have any closing remarks?

A:Cayanne: It feel great to be interviewed interviewed by such a marvelous woman as yourself. It’s different. This was my first time being interviewed. S/O to Louisiana bad girl and everyone that’s in my life.

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