“CeCe Chapman… She hasn’t changed… She’s Growing… Join Her!”

CeCe ChapmanQ:Fantasy: Who is Christy “CeCe” Chapman?

A:CeCe: I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend and a business woman.

Q:Fantasy:  What are some of your favorite restaurants to eat at in the city?

A:CeCe:  I love to experience great food. Some of the restaurants that are like and I give them a “High 5”  are “Tony’s” (it has the best asparagus salad..its a cool spot in the CBD), “Berraca’s” on Metarie Road, Ruth Chris’s Steak House has the best broccoli au gratin(mmhhhh good) and Mr.B’s Bistro has the best turtle soup and I can’t forget.. I love “Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant” in the French Quarters.

Q:Fantasy:  How do you juggle being an author, parent, event planner, publicist, television host and radio/entertainment personality, mentor/motivational speaker? What’s the very glue that holds it all together? What aids you in keeping your sanity?

A:CeCe:  Woooowwww….great question…I don’t have any choice except to juggle it. I am a mother first to my 4-yr old Princess Wylloe.  She is my personal assistant, she understands “our” life. She is on t.v. sets, at my interviews, meetings ,book signings,she knows my clients My clients depend on me as their publicist. I share their dreams.
Clients include Dizzy a.k.a. RAW D I, Jason Lyric, Iris P, Young Greatness.  They are very talented and driven… they work with me. What helps me hold it all together is that I am blessed to have them and I have a great partner E.D. Free that has my back. I have a great support system and great parents and siblings that share my dreams and have never allowed me to lose sight of them. Prayer and determination most definitely help me keep my sanity. ((wheeew..trust me..))

Q:Fantasy:  As a child many things are instilled in us, as adolescents we learn the difference between right and wrong, as adults we can become risk takers and the decisions that we make can effect others. At what age did you learn the difference between right and wrong? What risks have you taken? How much of yourself do you see in your mother/daughter?

A:CeCe:  I would have to say… my parents always instilled what is wrong vs. what’s right in me early on. I don’t remember it being any other way. Throughout the years I’ve kept it in mind when dealing with myself and others. I believe that I always knew what was wrong and right, but I started understanding the true meaning of it without being mislead or manipulated around the age of eighteen.

As for risks that I’ve taken, I remember I USED TO… ((LOL)) take my mom’s car without her permission and pick up like four of my friends and go to a club( only for her to come get her car from the club). ((LOL)). I think that taking the chance of your mom coming to the club.. that’s a HUGE risk. We laugh about that now. The biggest risk that I have taken( and I think that a lot of women can relate) is at one point… allowing my heart to lead the way.  As women we must use our head first.

My mom is a great woman and she possesses so much . In my mom… its independence, humility, strength, integrity and its faith in God…In my daughter wooowww…I see my charisma, strength, a lot of me is in her… she is a “mini-me” I see me to the 10th power…Wylloe tells me that she wants to go out to eat at restaurants… not the ones with drive thru’s. Hey, what more can I see…

Q:Fantasy:  What’s the strongest part of CeCe? What makes CeCe weak(in terms of people, places or things)?

A:CeCe:  The strongest part of me is my heart…I love what I love, I love who I love, I love what I do…and I do it with a passion that’s greater than you could ever imagine. what makes me weak…((Wylloe)) She knows how to get what she wants and so does my mom. ((LOL)) They are my beginning and my end. My mom started my legacy and Wylloe ended it. The love and passion that makes me so strong are the very things that makes me weak. I have a big heart , but I now know who and what is worthy of that love…OXOXOsmoochiesOXOXO

Q:Fantasy:  You’re stranded on an island the only way that you will be rescued is if you_______ Why do you feel this is the best answer? Imagine yourself in one of these predicaments… how do you feel?

A: Skinny dip in a piranha filled body of water for three minutes

B: Spend the night in a rat infested cabin while wrapped in barb wire

C: Commit suicide by eating yourself to death

((ROTFLMAO)) *screaming*

A:CeCe: Are you serious!?!… ((LOL)).. HIGH 5 for that question..I think that I would have to go with option “A”….I will have to skinny dip with the piranha’s for 3 minutes and just make it out Ok. I am not torturing myself all night with rats wrapped in barb wire and I am not at all committing suicide in any form or fashion… “When you’re weak you are beat!”  right? My mom would understand me skinny dipping… I think  ((LOL))

Q:Fantasy:  Describe yourself in the past, present and where you see yourself in the near future in three words?

A:CeCe:  You know… I haven’t changed too much and I feel that it’s a good thing. I have grown. I am a mother now and I am actually living some of my dreams. Its amazing. In the past I would try to solve everyone ‘s problems, I NOW have discernment and I use it. Sometimes people mistake your kindness for weakness. In school I would take up for people that were picked on… now I can speak and represent and empower women all across the country. I’ve experienced things in my past that haven’t been allowed to dictate my future.  I have a BIG FUTURE… REALITY a.k.a. dreams… “EXCITING” describes my past… my present is ” SUSPENSEFUL..”. my future “GREATER”…that was hard……whew…

Q:Fantasy: Any closing remarks, CeCe Chapman?

A:CeCe: In closing… I would like to thank you for sharing your time with me and allowing me to grace your blog. I enjoyed it, it was fun  and I love the fact you made me think. I hope readers understand me a little better. I am working on a volume 2 of “20 Thoughts!”  I want the strong women to know that I represent them.


“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!

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