Chaila ‘Celebrity Status’ Scott Speaks on Sunday’s GIRL POWER MOVEMENT

Chaila ‘Celebrity Status’ Scott Speaks on Sunday’s GIRL POWER MOVEMENT

“Knowledge is power and if we give these girls the knowledge, they will have the POWER.” – Keisha Titlon of First Priority Management/Trae Productions

Chaila ‘Celebrity Status’ Scott

Chaila “Celebrity Status” Scott of Keiani Model Management will be co-hosting the GIRL POWER MOVEMENT this Sunday at the Fine Arts Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is an event you definitely don’t want to miss.

The purpose of the Girl Power Movement is to educate and empower girls and women on Choices, Self Esteem, HIV/AIDS, Safe Sex, Education, Breast Cancer, and more.

The Heat Magazine caught up with Chaila again and we were able to speak with her about her role in the upcoming event:

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell us about the role you will play in the Girl Power Movement.

CHAILA “CELEBRITY STATUS” SCOTT: I will be co-hosting the Girl Power Movement along with Mike Swift from 102.9. I will be introducing the performers and guest speakers. I plan on making this event extra personal and interacting with the attendees. I’m super excited about the event and being a part of it.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: How important were role models to you growing up?

CHAILA “CELEBRITY STATUS” SCOTT: Growing up, role models were VERY important. I was fortunate enough to find that in my mother. She taught me how to be a strong woman, while being grounded and humble. I give much love to her for doing such a wonderful job with me. However, I do realize that there are many girls coming up who aren’t as fortunate, so this event has given me the opportunity to reach out to some of these young women. I want to show girls that you can be smart, beautiful, and not demean yourself to accomplish your goals.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What advice do you have for a young lady to help her be successful in whatever path she chooses in life?

CHAILA “CELEBRITY STATUS” SCOTT: Keep God first and everything will fall into place. Expect the very best of yourself and others around you. Carry yourself with dignity and grace and strangers will respect you. Stay humble and ALWAYS know your worth.

THE HEAT MAGAZINE: Tell our readers what they can expect from the Girl Power Movement.

CHAILA “CELEBRITY STATUS” SCOTT: Expect a great time. The Girl Power Movement is designed to be a forum in which women, and young women, can gather in celebration of themselves while being educated and entertained. What they will see and hear are people who are passionate about what they do, whether it be through music, education, or motivational speaking. The standard has been set and we are ready to BRING IT for each and every one of them.

Make sure to make it out Sunday to the GIRL POWER MOVEMENT. CLICK HERE for more information on the event and the celebrities who are scheduled to make an appearance.

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