Chaila “Celebrity Status” Scott, Chic & Skilled

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Chaila Celebrity Status Scott of Keiani Model Management is a force to be reckoned with – fierce, multi-talented and independent, she is destined for stardom in the entertainment world.

Chaila is a model, actress, singer, and dancer who has a strong work ethic – something that will take her quite far in this business. Tiffany Clements, owner of Keiani Model Management, describes Chaila as a skilled actress, who sings and has modeled for years. Tiffany goes on to tell The Heat that Chaila has a strong work ethic, something Chaila herself attributes to her father.

Chaila is a self-described woman of many faces and many hairstyles. Versatile, beautiful and unique, Chaila is a fresh face that we will definitely see much more of in the future.

In addition to modeling, acting, singing, and dancing, Chaila enjoys reading, which includes beginning each and every day with a devotional from Joyce Meyers. Chaila also believes that laughing is important and that it keeps wrinkles away. Chaila is also a friend to the world around her, volunteering her time and talents to various charities and events. In fact, Chaila will be emceeing the upcoming “GIRL POWER MOVEMENT“, an event you definitely do not want to miss!

Be on the lookout for Chaila and Keiani Model Management as they rise through the ranks. If you are interested in booking Chaila or any of the talent from Keiani Model Management, make sure to check out Keiani Model Management’s website at

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