Crime Gumbo… “Fantasy Has A Candid Conversation With Jeremiah S. Peterson!”

Crime Gumbo… “Fantasy Has A Candid Conversation With Jeremiah S. Peterson!”

Interview By: Jeremiah S. Peterson
Q:Jeremiah S. Peterson: What makes New Orleans so unique from other cities?
A:Fantasy: New Orleans is a beautiful city from the culture, great music and food to the New Orleanians themselves. It’s as if we have created our own dialect. The world may not understand us, but to other New Orleans natives… our language is crystal clear. We can roll out of bed at 2 AM and eat breakfast at The Trolley Stop Cafe. If we’re in the mood we can also hang out at The Sandpiper until the sun comes up. We have the lovely French Quarters and so much more. BTW there’s Mardi Gras, Jazz, the birth of Bounce music and Keiani Models.
Q:Jeremiah S. Peterson: Would the principles of Jesus and the bible help bring down crime in New Orleans? Why?
A:Fantasy: The principles of Jesus and The Bible can contribute to bringing down crime if we follow the B.ook of I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth.and practice what is preached. We must read and read for understanding and ask questions about those things that are unclear.
Q:Jeremiah S. Peterson: What does crab in a bucket mentality mean to you and do you think that the Willie Lynch letter theory plays a part in this mentality? Also, does poverty bring on this mindset?
A:Fantasy: The crab in the bucket mentality means that when a person sees another successful rather than lifting them up they tear them down. Instead of celebrating him/her some have the tendency to start feeling out of place. Those out of place feelings or feelings that we will be left behind may lead to jealousy, envy, treachery and so much more. In order to rise above and beyond this mentality remember that as a team T.ogether E.veryone A.chieves M.ore. “Team work… makes the dream work!”
The Willie Lynch Letter Theory expresses the way that some of us treat one another at present. It’s as if a vast majority of our generation has read this letter and placed a bet on who could best carry out it’s practices. 
Poverty can be a contributing factor to such a mind set based on one’s upbringing or whether or not you’ve become a product of your environment. If negativity is all that you know some of the ways that you can bring about change are to have a change of heart, change your way of life and to aid in the omission of being “stinking in your thinking.”

Final Thoughts…

Q:Jeremiah S. Peterson:  How does entertainment influence negative actions  in New Orleans?
A:Fantasy: Entertainment can influence negative actions in New Orleans based on the type of entertainment that we expose ourselves to and what we receive from it. Although, some negatives aspects of entertainment may tell a story of what’s happening in our communities and on the streets or may be a trend that has been charted based on “What Sells;” we do not have to repeat history. We can make history by turning those negatives into positives.
Q:Jeremiah S. Peterson: What’s the solution to help bring the crime down in New Orleans?
A:Fantasy: My solutions to help bring down the crime in New Orleans can be simple with the support of others. We can build more recreational centers, create more jobs for teens and young adults, give offenders that have the desire to change their lives and make a positive impact within the community a chance, amusement parks(so that our lost/misguided children have other places to hang out… besides street corners), fight for better education, do what we can as a community to help keep both guns and drugs off of our streets, if we see something say something… and the list goes on.

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