Dear Celebrities, Oh…

Dear Celebrities, Oh…



Celebrities and More…

At night I lie awake and I wonder what my favorite celebrities are up to. When I’m going through my closet I can’t help, but to stop and wonder what do celebrities wear? What are the current trends and will I love or loathe them. Gosh! Celebrities are so busy, when do they sleep or did they even have time to eat today? Instead of spending my time pondering all of these wonderfully interesting things… I decided to write. So here within these pages you will find a combination of thoughts and experiences. As we press forward we will talk about fashion, music, and… hey I know you like surprises so just stick with us!

Our journey will be adventurous, that’s what Celebrity Scope is all about. When you think of the word celebrity instantly fame comes to mind. When you consider the word scope you think of view, which is a great thing because life can be fun and entertaining or dull and boring. It’s all in how you look at it. Here at Celebrity Scope starring the Art of You, we view fame as a minute piece of the puzzle. There is so much more that comes along with the lifestyle and what the world expects of you. Remember that besides all of the glitz and glam our celebrities are human.

Have you ever wondered how many celebrities share your birthday or which movies are their absolute favorite? Yes, I have too! Having a great deal of admiration and discovering commonalities is a fabulous thing. We are here to connect all of the dots. Allow me to help you, help us discover what celebrities are truly made of by putting them under the scope. You can thank me later, but for starters  pretty please with sugar on top * batts eyelashes* subscribe to our blog now and share it with all of your friends and family! Thanks so much! 😉 :-*

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