“Dee-1 Is A One Man Army!”

“Dee-1 Is A One Man Army!”

"Rap Artist Dee-1"


Q:fantasy: Dee-1… Where do I begin?  How was life in eastern New Orleans(Michoud) during your childhood? Can you explain the birth of Dee 1? At what age did you realize that you were blessed with amazing gifts? What other talents do you possess… that your fans are unaware of?

A:Dee-1: Well… my grandparents lived in Michoud and my parents lived on Dwyer Rd near Livingston Middle School, so I was back and forth. My childhood was never boring. I was always busy playing sports, doing my work or just trying to find new ways to have fun. I did everything. I played basketball, baseball and football. My grandpa even had me bowling in a league and I got really good at it. “My fans probably don’t know that.” I also played chess… tennis and I used to be the best Madden player in the world before I got so busy with music. ((LOL))

When I was in my 2nd year of college I realized that I had serious skills on the mic. Since then, with the music, I’ve been going full steam ahead. I graduated from LSU, but other than that my main focus has been on becoming a worldwide artist and improving myself as a man.

Q:fantasy: As a child… I recall purchasing sweets from sweet shops, ice cream trucks, etc. What do you recall? Did you eat frozen cups(with or without the fruit cocktails at the bottom)? When you were a kid… which meal was prepared most that you hated? Did your mom or other relative force you to eat it? Did you__________

A: go to bed with an empty stomach

B: feed it to a pet

C: hide most of it in the trash can and pretend you were full

A:Dee-1: Wow! You’re bringing back memories…. My grandma was actually the neighborhood candy lady. She sold candy and her specialty was hucklebucks(frozen cups). So of course I ate frozen cups every time I went by my grandma’s house. I recall her making every flavor; even chocolate. “Ask Curren$y, he used to eat my grandma’s frozen cups!” ((LOL)) The meal that I hated the most as a kid was not a meal… it was anything green. For some weird reason I had a phobia of green foods, so I didn’t eat anything green back then. I eat some green foods now, but there are some that I still don’t touch. When my mom would force me to eat it, I would most definitely wait until she turned her back to me or left the room and run and stuff it at the BOTTOM of the garbage can, then pretend I was full. It worked like a charm.

:fantasy: ((LMAOROTFL))

Q:fantasy: You were once a school teacher… did this just happen?  If your students were present what would they say about you? What grade level did you teach? Describe your experience. Do you miss being an educator? Do you ever wonder what your former students are up to? Are you in contact with any of them?

A:Dee-1: I wanted to be a school teacher because I wanted a job that I would be passionate about… one that would also allow me the necessary flexibility to get a lot done with my music on the side. My students were intrigued by the fact that I was a young, educated, black male who was ALSO a real rapper. If my students were here the girls would probably say “We love Mr Augustine.” The guys would probably say “Mr Augustine was cool.” I loved each student I had; even the real bad ones.((LOL)) I keep in touch with them as often as I can via phone and facebook. I love when I randomly see one of them in the streets and am granted the opportunity to reconnect with them. They know how much I want to see them do their best in life. I just want my journey and my path to inspire them to stay focused on making progress.

Q:fantasy: “I Hope They Hear Me” vol. 2 is the title of your latest mix tape… is it all or in part… directed at our lost youth? Do you think that they hear you? ((I hear you… loud and clear))

A:Dee-1: My music is for everyone… from nursing homes to nurseries. I’d never box myself in and limit it to just one specific audience. Real will always recognize real; regardless of age, race or background.

Q:fantasy: “Jay, 50, and Weezy” is one of my favorites. What inspired this piece? On youtube.com it was uploaded roughly 8mons. ago. It has been viewed well over 366,000 times and counting… did you expect it? How do you feel when you perform and your audience flawlessly recites its lyrics?

A:Dee-1: I had a feeling that the video for “Jay, 50, and Weezy” was going to make people pay attention because so many people feel the same way I felt when I wrote that song. I’m glad that most people realize that it’s not a diss song, it’s just a real song. When I perform it and the audience knows the lyrics… I just feel good on the inside. Shout out to Power 102.9, Q93, MTV and all of the djs and fans who helped me spread that song. Now… I’m going to top that. That song set the bar high for me and I expected it to do so.

Q:fantasy: Your going away concert before your tour was epic… your return home celebration was a saga. Every industry professional that I could possibly think of was present. When did it first dawn on you that you have so much support from community (504)?

A:Dee-1: Honestly, it didn’t dawn on me until those two events. I had no idea that so many people in New Orleans were truly, genuinely rocking with me and my “One Man Army“/”One Woman Army” movement like that. I’m thankful though.

Q:fantasy: How much of a struggle have you encountered(in terms of breaking into the entertainment/music business)? Do you feel that your hard work, dedication and commitment have payed off? Does Dee-1 feel that he has made it? Is it OK for a man to cry? Have you done so?

A:Dee-1: I feel that my path has been harder than others because of the route that I’m taking. I have a message in my music and I refuse to compromise. Plus, I’m taking “positive” and “motivational” and “conscious” and showing people that you can still be cool and have fun with it. That’s not an easy task in an industry that’s flooded with BS and negativity. I don’t make positive music, I’m just a positive thinking person who makes dope music. There’s a big difference. That’s why people in the streets still rock with me 100%. We’re all just trying to live life to the fullest.

Q:fantasy: The ladies love Dee-1!!! Do you ever feel as if you have to fight them off with a stick? Do you believe that having a crush on someone is possible? Is there anyone that you have a crush on? So many women are dying to know… “is Dee-1 single?” What’s his ideal mate(please describe the physical attributes, mindset and personality traits that you desire when seeking a mate).

A:Dee-1: I definitely believe that having a crush on someone is possible. I’ve had many. As far as what I like… its simple. I like ’em cool (we gotta be able to chill and have fun together). I like ’em ambitious (my mama and grandma aren’t bums, so my girl cant be one either.) I like ’em kind. I like a girl who is genuine and whose personality doesn’t seem fake. I love a girl who has a strong, serious, spiritual relationship with God. As far as physically, I’m not that dude that ONLY likes a certain complexion or a certain hair length. I just appreciate beauty. As far as relationship status, I’m married with 10 kids, so shout out to all of the ladies who love Dee-1. I might need to hire yall as babysitters.

Q:fantasy: You’re a one man army. It’s your turn and you’re on it! Lets keep in movin’ for we’ve set up shop on the writer’s block. The dog in you says hello to Jay 50 Weezy, yet bye to the broke days. To some you were once a stranger… to the ones that you once admired… you’re now known as the one that got away. Dee-1 your mind is beautiful; as is what we’ve learned about the garden of Eden. Whence feeling blue your belief is that you’re ridin’ by yourself, but your fans are proud of you. They ride with you. How does it feel to murder every microphone that you touch… with positive rap music? How do you feel after being interviewed?

A:Dee-1:  I like your word play in that question.((LOL)) I just look forward to gaining new supporters and becoming a better artist and leader everyday. I’m gonna be here for a while, so get used to me…

and the battle continues. “I Hope They Hear Me!”

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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