DJ Bay… “Never Give Up… Persistence is the Key!”


Q:Fantasy: Who are you? What city are you from? List your skills and your personal definition of each skill (i.e. DJ, A&R, etc.)

A:DJ Bay: Where do I start??? ((LOL)) Ok… I am Terrance “DJ Bay” Long. I was born raised and currently reside in Memphis, TN. I am a club/event/mix-show/mix-tape DJ. I am also a music producer, director of digital marketing and New Media and A&R rep at one of the largest independent labels and music distributors in the country (Select-O-Hits music distribution). My skills, as far as being a good DJ, consist of recognizing good music. I’m very knowledgeable of all genres of music. I have the ability to read a crowd in the club and within event settings and connect people with good music through mix-tapes, etc. I’m a constant student of the game being a DJ helps a lot with being an A&R it helps me filter through music. What’s hot, who’s not and who I should reach out to in order to see if I could assist them in taking their career to the next level. Professionalism is a very important skill that I maintain. The “know how” in building relationships… is a skill that is required and getting the job done no matter what… no excuses!!!

Q:Fantasy: You’re a ten year veteran within the music scene. How much have you evolved? A seven year old approaches you about becoming a DJ… he has no training. Where does he begin? What type of equipment should he buy? What’s the best way to capture and hold his audience’s attention?

A:DJ Bay: Now with the technology… it’s easier to become a DJ equipment is inexpensive, but good turntables would be a good start for a seven year old. The use of vinyl records and learning the Serato’s, but the first thing that I would advise him to do is study… study… study. He should learn the history of DJ’ing and its importance. Study music, study how to mix, study DJ’s like Kidd Capri, DJ Jazzy Jeff and other pioneers. Study how they created their own personalities as DJ’s. Find the personality that suits you, learn how to scratch, bring that personality out on the mic and rock the party. Most importantly… never give up. Persistence is the key! Take advantage of all good opportunities and build good working relationships.

Q:Fantasy:  What’s your favorite color? Why? How much do you know about the science of colors? If you could be an animal, bird or insect which would you choose? Why? What about this choice is symbolic of who you are and will become in the future?

A:DJ Bay: My favorite color is red and I look damn good in it too. ((LOL)) I know a little bit about the science of colors; not much. I would be an eagle. Eagles are bold, fearless, big, fast and smart. They can go get whatever they want and they can fly… that’s so amazing.

Q:Fantasy: Your closest friends and family have left you. You did something that they truly disapprove of… you must mix the soundtrack of a lifetime. This track must be apologetic, a real tear jerker, empowering, and inspirational. Which artist’s song have you chosen? Who besides the artists will cover the lyrics? Why?

A:DJ Bay:  It’s been a while (staind) Man in the mirror (Michael Jackson) When I get where I’m going ( Brad Paisley and Dolly Pardon) What hurts the most (Rascal Flats) My sacrifice (Creed) Never give up (Yolanda Adams) Give me a sign(DMX) Redemption song (Bob Marley) Dear mama (Tupac) Keep the faith (Michael Jackson) Never would have made it (Marvin Sapp) Stand (Donnie Mc Clurkin) Pray for forgiveness (Alicia Keys) Nobody knows (The Tony rich Project). Honestly, I would have to go with the original artist(s) to cover the track. I don’t think I could feel the same way or my emotions wouldn’t be delivered properly… without the voices of the original artist(s).

Q:Fantasy: I’ve had several individuals throughout my life thus far, that have groomed me into the ultimate hustler.  Who has had the most influence over your career? Who believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself?

A:DJ Bay: My father, whom was a DJ, believed in me, but I would have to say that my mom believed in me the most. She’s a very spiritual, loving and caring person. She always knows what to say and when.

Q:Fantasy:  At an event you meet a teen that says he’s your biggest fan. He has patiently awaited the event’s end just to get your autograph and to have a few words with you. You can see that his eyes are puffy and red as if he had been crying. You ask, “What’s wrong?” He has lost his mother and father to a car accident a week ago. He doesn’t want to eat, sleep or interact with anyone other than you. How will you help him get through such a tough time?

A:DJ Bay: I would take him under my wing and try to be a big brother to him… help guide him in the right direction through encouragement and love. We all feel alone from time to time so I would do my best to fill that void and let him know that he’s not alone and that if he could get through this tough time… he could get through anything.

Q:Fantasy:  What have you prayed for constantly that has finally happened for you? How did you mentally prepare for it?

A:DJ Bay: During stages of my career in the music business I remember I was in a bad space with how things were going during those particular points in time.  I knew that I had given my all and I wasn’t going to let it go and move on to something else. One day, one phone call changed my life and lead me to where I am today. I prayed for years… I knew in my heart that I was meant to be in the music business. In reality,  it wasn’t going the way that I wanted it to. Mentally I prayed; I worked very, changed my focus and my way of thinking. I lined myself up with God, the universe. Through meditation I changed my thoughts into winning ones removing all negative thoughts. I  faced my fears and asked prayed to God for continued guidance.

Q:Fantasy:  Recently, on Twitter, a few of my followers were having online discussions about what is considered to be  a good date vs. an expensive date. Do you believe that spending $200 on a date is too much? Why? Should women pay for dates?

A:DJ Bay:  It’s not too much. It depends on how long I’ve been dating  her and the direction that I feel the relationship is headed in. I think that both men and women should pay for dates.

I’m old fashion when it comes to dating men should pay for more dates than women.

Q:Fantasy: Do you believe that social networking sites are more addictive than drugs and alcohol? Why? There are several cool apps that were created that keep you connected to the most popular social networking sites by synchronization. Do you own a smart phone? Approximately how many times per day do you check your Face Book, Twitter, etc.

A:DJ Bay: Social networking can be addictive, but not more than drugs and alcohol. I think that we all should balance our time on social networking before they becomes a serious problem. Yeah, I love both my IPhone and android. They help me out in so many ways when it comes to business. Everything is at my fingertips.  I check my Twitter more than my Face Book. I may be on Twitter 20 times a day vs approximately 3 times per week on Face Book.

Q:Fantasy: How do you feel after being interviewed? What have your fans learned about you?

A:DJ Bay: I loved it! Thank you, Fantasy!  My fans should learn that I’m very open minded, spiritual, caring, fun, full of love, and approachable. I’m always willing to help, but you have to be serious and know that my time is valuable.

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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