DJ Mike Swift Says…The Problems We Face are Self-Imposed

DJ Mike Swift Says…The Problems We Face are Self-Imposed


DJ Mike Swift, You can see things worldly or you can see them in a spiritual way (Image by Baham Multimedia)

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Last year I had an amazing conversation with New Orleans native, On-Air Personality, and Mix-show host of Power 102.9’s (KKND, hip-hop station) In Ya Box, DJ Mike swift. Swift, whom grew up in Algiers on the Westbank, has been working in radio since the age of 22 years old and is a 9 year veteran with Power 102.9. Although, he began DJ’ing at the ripe age of 12 his level of passion and skill, how he sees the world, and how he masters the art of being a Disc Jockey stretches far beyond those things which can be seen with the naked eye. During this interview we discussed pro legalization of marijuana and different genres of music (bounce, hip-hop, and rap), how they relate to one another, and the ways in which they are the same.

Mike and I also, had a heart to heart talk about the stand your ground law (Trayvon Martin v. George Zimmerman), the state of mental health within the city of New Orleans (brutal stabbing and murder of 6 year old Ahlittia North), and the Marxist Theory’s impact on today’s society. In addition, DJ Mike Swift aka Mr. Fist Pumps, (the open format DJ who has the gift of the chameleon. When it comes to getting a feel for and adapting to the crowd he’s the man. Whether he Dee Jays on the club or corporate scene he will have you vibing to the beat. Mr. Swift is also playfully known as the CEO of Interracial Hook-Up of America. Stick with us! and you too shall get caught up in the rapture of the Swift Love Connection.




DJ Mike Swift Rocking Essence Festival 2014


Fantasy: DJ Mike Swift said that never fit into the mold of a hip hop Dee Jay. He was always known as weird even when he was a kid in school. Creating his own lane meant being his self and loves to do events where he can be himself. He never tried to assimilate to any group.




mike-swiftDJ Mike Swift: Bounce music is a form of electronic dance music. Electronic dance music encompasses techo, dub step, trap, Baltimore plug… it’s electronic based and DJ produced. ***Salutes Big Freedia***

Hip hop is the culture it encompasses breaking, Dee J’ing, rapping, mc’ing, and graffiti art.

Rap is the music and there’s different flavors of rap music and you fall into what you like.



Trayvon-MartinDJ Mike Swift: Stand your ground law makes me scared.I live in the C. B. D. (central Business District) and I jog in the C. B. D. if I see two middle aged white women I’m going on the opposite side of the street because I don’t wanna get shot. I’m scared of middle aged white women and middle aged white guys. The stand your ground law is total bullshit. It kind of just gives you free will to shoot somebody. I look at Trayvon Martin I look at myself walking from a friend’s house in Algiers at 10 o’ Clock at night when I was 16.




Fantasy: DJ Mike Swift says… If you’re getting your ass kicked in a fight you have the right to use deadly force. He’d rather pray for God’s mercy rather than relying on himself and a gun.


Mental Health Facilities are Important




DJ Mike Swift: Senseless violence has to do with mental health. It’s frowned upon in the black community to get mental health. A lot of  kids need therapy and need meds. I Wish there was more done in the school system to help kids on the mental health side. rather than concentrating on kids selling and smoking weed. That dude that killed that 6 year old girl, that mutha fucker should have been locked up in a mental health facility and he should’ve been stopped a long time ago. I’m pro legalization of marijuana strictly for the fact that it wastes manpower, it wastes, funds.It’s just a waste.





karl-marx-friedrich-engels DJ Kike Swift: People look out for their own no mater if it’s a socialist government or a capitalist government. People use the system and what happened in the past as a scape goat.





Check out DJ Mike Swift’s #Love2Party Ft. Tre G x Quest


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