Eddie Francis says… “There are no Easy Solutions to Complex Problems.”

Q:Fantasy: “Eddie Francis…” that name alone needs no introduction. I’ve been hearing it for so many years. What was life like for you as a child? How about now? You are known to our audience as the man that wears many hats. Describe those hats. Are any of them heavy enough to cause stress? What do you do to prevent stress? What is your favorite skill? Why?

A:Eddie Francis: No intro? Really? I didn’t know that. Thanks for the opportunity!

My brother and sister always tell me that I was a funny kid. I can believe that, because I remember entertaining my parents and their friends with little singing recitals. I’m sure I was damn good. 🙂

Right now, my life goes 100 mph. On a day-to-day basis, I’m the director of public relations at Southern University at New Orleans. This job consists of marketing, social media, sports information, publications management, and management of SUNO.edu (the university’s website). On the weekends, I produce and co-host “Real Talk” on Q93, and I also co-produce and contribute to “Sunday Journal” on 98.5-WYLD. Every now and then, I’ll MC events, do a little stand-up, or do my very first love, speaking.

The most stressful of all is managing a university web site. People think that web management is an easy sit-behind-the-desk thing, but a university’s web site has hundreds of pages and levels. A good amount of strategy and organization go into creating and maintaining a web site. It’s very demanding stuff, man.

I don’t do such a good job preventing stress. I’m very competitive, so I can be wound pretty tightly about life sometimes. In order to alleviate stress, I use my weekends to really kick back. Oh man, Thanksgiving weekend, I did as little as possible. Heaven! The best weekends are the ones that are spent with my little dude. Kids remind you of just how cool life is when you’re having fun.

My absolute favorite skill is public speaking, by far. When I’m in front of a group of people doing a speech, a workshop, MCing, running my mouth on the radio, or doing stand-up, it’s like a drug. I can’t get enough of it. The bigger the audience, the better. The best thing is the reaction I get when people feel what I’m saying, they’re learning from what I’m saying, or they’re enjoying what I’m doing.

Q:Fantasy: We all have different routines. How often do you stick to those routines? Are you an organized individual or do you just go with the flow? Explain. Considering that you are so busy how much “me” time do you get? What do you do during this time?

A:Eddie Francis: The only routine I really have is cooking breakfast just about every morning. Procrastination is something I routinely do, though.

The only time I’m even remotely organized is at work. In my personal life, I go with the flow.
Actually, I get a lot of “me” time. My “me” time is just as simple as relaxation. I watch TV or waste time online. The one thing that I ‘m beginning to do more of… is read. Right now I’m reading a very cool marketing book called “Why Johnny Can’t Brand.” It’s a really great read. It talks about the importance of having a laser focus on the kinds of messages, companies and organizations that are needed when it comes to marketing efforts. The other thing I try to do during my “me” time is cook. I love to cook… and a brother can do his thing in the kitchen! 😉

Q:Fantasy: You’re invited to an industry pajama party! You’re told to wear your pj’s, but to be stylish and to make a fashion statement. Describe the type of pj’s you will wear, from head to toe, and how you will dress them up to chart a trend. Be creative!

A:Eddie Francis: Hmmm, do they still make underoos? I would wear Batman underoos. I think I could make a mask and cape to go with them.

Q:Fantasy: New Orleans is the murder capital. You’re called upon to organize a march and to prepare a speech that will change this. This speech will make history. You are allowed three African- American advisors to assist you… who will they be? Why? You’re granted the opportunity to interview Minister Farrakhan as your first advisor. Considering the success of the Million Man March… what three questions would you ask him? Why?

A:Eddie Francis: This is a cool question. My advisors would be all New Orleans men–Bro. Willie Muhammad of the New Orleans Peace Keepers, Victor Sims who is a licensed clinical social worker, and Terry Clay who’s known for his “Addicted to the Lifestyle” workshops. I’ve had the privilege of doing radio interviews with all three of these guys, and they really get into the guts of what brothers on the streets are thinking when they do what they do.

Now if I had the opportunity to chat with Minister Farrakhan, which I would love to do, I would ask him the following: What’s different about today’s Black man than 20 years ago? What role do Black women play in supporting Black men, emotionally, these days? How can we make education more appealing to the Black community?

:Fantasy: Insert the first paragraph of your speech, that you have prepared from the above question, here_________.

A:Eddie Francis: “We are all sheep. We are allowing ourselves to be led wherever others want us to go. We are accepting slaughter as an alternative to living life and building healthy communities. We act as if we CANNOT make it from point A to point B without someone else’s permission, and we seem to be perfectly OK with this. We allow the real fighters to fight alone while the rest of us sit by and hope that problems will magically disappear. I’m sure you have a problem with those first few sentences. Since I have your attention, I’m prepared to analyze the problem and talk solutions today. But it won’t be easy. There are no easy solutions to complex problems. I’m not a sheep and neither are you. You and I are living, breathing human beings with children, lives, and hope.”

Q:Fantasy: There’s a new reality show called “Dare Devil Pitfall!” There’s a million dollars up for grabs in order to get it you will________. Why? ((LMAO))

A:Bungee jump naked screaming good morning Vietnam on national television without a parachute!

B: Eat a porcupine.

C: Make love in a deep freezer to a pot roast for 24hrs.

A:Eddie Francis: Aw, that’s easy. I’ll do the bungee jump butt “nekkid!” There’s nothing like winning a million dollars while feeling as freeeeeeee as a bird, letting it all hang out and flapping in the breeze. Besides, porcupine meat is probably nasty and the pot roast probably won’t be a good kisser. I like to kiss.

Q:Fantasy: What is your definition of a strong woman? Women are running for president and the ball is in your court. Who will you elect for president? Who’s her vice president? Who’s the secretary of state? Why?

A:Eddie Francis: A strong woman shows her intelligence regardless of her level of education. She is someone that has a sense of humor, who is focused, tolerant of men and our foibles, and tough yet compassionate, as well as, affectionate. That woman also looks at every man for who he is as opposed to judging him on what the last knucklehead did. The biggest thing is she doesn’t talk garbage about having these qualities. She shows you better than she can tell you. Quiet confidence is elegant and sexy to me.

For President, I would elect Hillary Clinton to take the baton from President Barack Obama at this point. She’s prepared her entire adult life for it. Give me Mayor Cory Booker for VP, and Donna Brazile as Secretary of State. Donna brags about her Gumbo, so I think that could solve a lot of foreign affairs issues.

Q:Fantasy: You’re sent to Japan for a year to study the culture, technology and to learn the language. Your mission is to create something that will receive world wide acclaim and can be used across the globe by people of all ages. What will you create? Explain your choice.

A:Eddie Francis: My creation would be a software that would deliver shock treatment to people who procrastinate. I’d be the first to buy it when I decided to get up off my ass and go to the store.

Q:Fantasy: What’s your idea of “The Perfect Sunday?”

A:Eddie Francis: That’s funny, I just talked to someone about this! To give her proper credit, an ex used to encourage me to envision this in order to live a happier and more focused life.

The perfect Sunday begins with me waking up next to my wife (whoever that will be) and getting the day started the right way. 😉 😉 Next I’ll cook breakfast in bed for her, and prepare breakfast for the kids. After we all chow down, we’ll go to church. Later, we’ll enjoy Laser Tag or check out a movie. Assuming, that these Sundays aren’t during football season. “If it’s football season, the afternoon belongs to dad and his man cave, but I’ll get in the kitchen with the wife and cook some game food or put steaks on the grill for family or friends that may be visiting.” After the game, we’ll have a family outing. In the late afternoon/early evening, we’ll go out to enjoy dinner. When we get back home, we’ll get the kids to bed and mama had better be ready for daddy.

Q:Fantasy: How do you feel after being interviewed?
A:Eddie Francis: Pretty cool, actually. This was like doing therapy at my own risk.

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