“EV Evans(EV Entertainment) Says… I Like to Bring People Together to Celebrate Joyous Times!”

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EV Evans(EVent NOLA) is a business man seeking to do positive things. He’s been planning events since 1997. He is an event planner and party person that likes to bring people together to celebrate life’s joyous times.


“EV” Evans and Trey Songz

“Working with positive people that target the right demographic and aim to represent themselves in a positive way makes it all worth it.”

“EV” says… that the best event that he has planned to date is the Fashion Week NOLA Wrap Party.  The planning process that makes an event is working with people like Tracy Dundaz(Fashion Week NOLA) or Monique Davis(Stylizm).

He even planned events while he was in the military. Being in dangerous places allowed him to realize that he needed to enjoy life.

“EV” desired to be a computer engineer as a child.  As an adult he became a project manager and IT tech.

I sung in choirs when I was in the military. I sing Gospel songs/ballads. I have sung with Brian McKnight, Charlie Wilson and Anthony Hamilton to name a few. If I had to teach 5th grade children to master a skill, that they could carry with them throughout life, that skill would be music.  I’ve done voice coaching, working with the youth on singing and teaching them football.

EV Evans and Brian McKnight

Everybody that gets AIDS will not be like Magic Johnson. You won’t always be able to walk around. You must take the disease seriously. You have to look at who you’re with! We were categorized as the highest percentage of students that had AIDS when I attended H.B.C.U. and S.U.N.O. I was wildin'(doing crazy things) in college, but I always used protection.

EV Evans and Mystikal

My favorite food is Pizza Hut Pizza. I’m an active vegetarian. My favorite dish to prepare is teriaki salmon Stir Fry. If I had to prepare dinner for the Michelle Obama steamed edamame with sea salt sprinkled on it, vegetables and teriyaki salmon as an entree’. She would drink wine or peach Ciroc. If I had to take her to a club where she could experience real New Orleans culture I would take her to Club 360/Ray’s Over the River. I love the skyline view you get to see every aspect of the city.

New Orleans’ Skyline

Standing room only…

I would bring in Rebirth, Trombone Shorty, Mike Swift as a Dj, NFL players, as such as, Quinn Johnson would host.  I can be contacted via “EVent NOLA  Twitter, Instagram, Face Book, viewed on The Bad Girls Club Season 7 and more!

EV: Be on the look out for our upcoming projects a Labor Day concert, Golf Tournaments with NFL players, celebrity basketball games and training camps for the kids.

Kush DVD Party



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