India Food Crisis 3,000 Children Die Daily

India Food Crisis 3,000 Children Die Daily

India’s Hunger Shame


India… Hunger Shame

In India, Nearly 3,000 Children die daily despite economic growth. Starvation is to blame. The children are severely malnourished, scrawny, and deathly ill. The health clinic (Shivpuri clinic), which is located in central India, is shabby and run-down with an intermittent power supply. A ganglion of electrical wires lines its paint-chipped walls. There are 3 children to every bed. When there’s no more space… many have to sleep on the floor.” The kids whom are lucky enough to survive these conditions grow up shorter, weaker and less smart than their better-fed peers. 

Furthermore, India‘s high prevalence of child malnutrition is surprising. There’s a strong possibility that it can be reduced. Studies show It’s economy tripled between 1990 and 2005. It became Asia‘s third largest area with an annual per capita income rising to $489 from $96. A government-supported survey reveals forty-two percent of children under age five are underweight – compared to 43 percent five years ago. Poor hygiene, low public health spending and little education make a huge contribution to these conditions. The very thought of a child enduring such a harsh situation is very disturbing


Growing Pains

A huge part of India’s food crises, in addition to many other factors, stems from a growing problem with its food output versus its actual ability to feed it’s massive population. The total population is estimated to reach 1.45 billion by 2028. This means the foods crises can worsen between now and upcoming decades. Since, it’s adoption of neo-liberal economic reforms in 1991, Such reforms have also contributed to agricultural depression plus spikes in unemploymentFor instance, Bundelkhand (a geographic region of central India) which lies mainly in Madhya Pradesh (second largest state in India) houses the greatest number of hungry families in India

Food prices there have risen over the last decade and continue to soar. In most cases, many say it’s government is to blame for the daily number of child deaths due to starvation. For example, the country produces approximately, six hundred million tonnes of fruits and veggies of which 25% to 30% is wasted due to inadequate coordinated support. Unfortunately, recent World Bank reports warn 60% of the country’s food subsidies do not reach its poor people. 

India-prime-ministerManmohan Singh (India’s Prime Minister) admits… malnutrition is “a national shame.” and it puts the nation’s health in jeopardy.

If you’re human and have a heart this should affect you. It makes me very sad. Kids should not have to suffer like this.They need to have a fair shot at life.I hope things get better soon. The world wastes so much.

In my opinion, no matter where they are in the world, poor people shouldn’t exist. There’s enough blame to go around. Things need to change now. Leave a reply below.



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