“Industry Influence 65… ReCap”

“Industry Influence 65… ReCap”

lndustry-Influence Industry influence 65 went off without a hitch! The National Director of Promotions from Interscope Records, Reza Sarrafieh, gave the artists’ a little insight on “What record companies really look for.” There were live performances by Kayla Brianna (Interscope Records), Mr. Brazy Flow (YMCMB), Christian Radke, Ja So Rude, and more! DJ E.F. Cuttin held it down on the 1’s and 2’s. The night began with live music, a brief introduction of what could be expected throughout the night, the artists/business spotlight, and ended with a breath of fresh air (what was learned). If you missed Industry Influence 65 you missed the last street car on the path to enlightenment. No worries! Check out the recap!


Wild Wayne (upper left, red Industry Influence tee) Sess 4-5 (lower left See Wut Dat Do tee)

Q: Fantasy: What is Industry Influence? When was it founded? Where did the idea derive from? How did you and Wild Wayne become a dynamic duo?

A: Sess 4-5: Industry Influence is a monthly music conference that is held every first Monday of the Month in New Orleans, La. at The Howling Wolf (907 S. Peters St.). It is hosted by Wild Wayne and myself; “Sess 4-5.” It was founded in October of 2008. I had an idea. I wanted to create an avenue for artist like myself… to get exposure and get exposed to the music industry. I reached out to Wild Wayne and pitched the idea to him. We collaborated and came up with Industry Influence.


More in Depth…

Q: Fantasy: What is the overall vision for Industry Influence? The quote: “For impression is momentary… an impact lasts a lifetime.” With that being said what would you like for both the artists’ and the audience to remember about Industry Influence? A: Sess 4-5: The overall vision is for our attendees to network, get educated, and to showcase Louisiana’s talent. I would like for people to understand the music business and to understand the importance of supporting local artist. PhotoGrid_1365088793245 Q: Fantasy: You are extremely involved in the community. I love the fact that you care about our children’s future. Tell us about The Black Love Summer Camp. How does it tie Into Industry Influence and The Benjamin Foundation? Our city is plagued with crime and H. I. V. infection. How important is it to educate our children about situations as such; please elaborate.

Black Love Summer Camp

A: Sess 4-5: The Black Love Summer Camp is fun and interactive. The program is spearheaded by me and Wild Wayne. Every summer we teach 50+ kids the importance of spreading love amongst one another and throughout our community. Wild Wayne and I, because of Industry influence’s success, decided to collaborate again. We collaborated on this program (The Black Love Summer Camp) because of Wayne’s previous Summer Camp experience. I had also received funding to start a free summer camp program. Industry-Influence It’s important because our kids see it. They need to be educated on these issues so that they don’t become statistics. They need to know how to deal with these situations.

Community Involvement

Q: Fantasy: Both you and Wild Wayne are staples in this community. To imagine this game without you would be the equivalent of trying to live life without music. It’s damn near impossible. You guys have been so active and I just would like to say thank you from the bottom of my soul. Thank you for caring about our children and about the state of our community. How do you feel when you brighten a kids’ day? What is one of the most challenging obstacles that you make your goal to help children overcome?

A: Sess 4 5: Thank you. It feels good to show our kids how Love looks from a Black male’s perspective. I hope that they pass the love forward in their lives. One of the most challenging obstacles that we take on is breaking the “stereotype.” Our children need to know that success can be achieved for all; no matter your situation or environment. Black-Love-Summer-Camp

The Key to the City versus the Key to Longevity

Q: Fantasy: Industry Influence, The Black Love Summer Camp, and The Benjamin Foundation have all been with blessed with the stroke of a genius. Most people are interested in the key to the city. What is the key to longevity?  Are there any other projects or upcoming events that you would like to share with us? What can we expect for Industry Influence 66?

A: Sess 4-5: The key to longevity is reinventing your brand, taking chances, and being honest about your capabilities. You should also, have a clear understanding of what your strengths and weaknesses are; so that you can build on what works and what doesn’t. Yes, we both have independent projects that we’re working on. As for Industry Influence 66… stay tuned! PhotoGrid_1365087779063 PhotoGrid_1365272270566 PhotoGrid_1365273594661PhotoGrid_1365289192944PhotoGrid_1365087779063PhotoGrid_1365273917398

Be certain to check out Industry Influence 67 and every one thereafter. There is something for everyone!—Fantasy


Industry-Influence“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

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