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Q:Fantasy: Who is Jack Spratt? Where did you grow up? When did your journey begin as a comedian? Are there any other skills that you possess? What are your hobbies?

A:Jack Spratt: Jackyron Welton Newman, a local entertainer in the New Orleans area. I’m happy to be here with Fantasy. I grew up on the west bank of New Orleans. Fantasy: Booooo ((LOL)) Jack Spratt: You have a problem with the west bank? Sometime in 2009, late 2008 is when my journey begun. I wouldn’t really say comedian because I didn’t know how to exactly categorize what I was doing. I’ve been in the music industry since like 2003. I actually started out rhyming, “you know what I’m saying.” Rapping and  I evaluated myself… thought I was a pretty good artist, but the music game… the entertainment game period is just so political. I just began to be so frustrated with it and the pressure that they put on you… and you have to be this… and you have to be that and so man…  I just got to the point where I just wanted to have fun and do what I wanted to do. A big part of me doing what I was doing was by social networking… Face Book and Twitter. I got on there being a rebel, going against the grain, cutting up all day saying what I felt like totally going against the grain from what a rapper or entertainer is supposed to say; being politically incorrect. Shortly after that I started seeing that the love that I was looking for as a musician it was coming to me on accident, just on accident, just from acting a fool all day. I just was saying what I felt. It was like breathing for me.  On the computer I’d say my thoughts, my love, my passion, my joy… people would just gravitate towards me laughing or just feeling me. Believe it or not I don’t really have many hobbies. Some people play pool. I’m a simple guy.

Fantasy: Oh, c’mon you don’t have a stamp collection or an ant farm?? ((LOL))

Jack Spratt: I don’t know who you interviewed, but you’re definitely not gonna get those types of quirks from me. I’m a simply guy. I watch Sports Center, channel 15’s Eye Witness News… make sure I catch everything that happened for the day. I like to be up with current events. I’m pretty much on social networks and I like to listen to music.

Q:Fantasy: Tell me about some of the major projects that you’ve completed that our audience may be unaware of. What new projects are in the works? When you are inside your character Jack Spratt what’s on your mind?

A:Jack Spratt:  On the music side… I did my first album in 2005 it’s called “The Wait is Over.” I did another mixtape in late 2008, early 2009 called “Dumb and Dumber.” On the entertainment (more on the comedy side) I have a television show called PP TV (Petite Playboy Television). I have two completed episodes, two completed DVD’s and numerous videos on youtube. I have a new PP TV DVD coming out (PP TV Episode 2.5) My projection for the completion of that project is early January of 2012. It contains new skits, as well as, some of the one’s that are on the internet that people want a hard copy of. On the music side I have a mixtape coming out called “The Genius” which will show people my journey. From when I first started doing comedy and interviewing people up until now. Staying focused! When I’m in character… I’m really in character. People tell me all the time…“man, you look so serious and do you remember me?” like you told me. I’m like ma’am no. I’m just focused on doing my job and I have to train my mind to tune everything out around me. If you don’t know about Jack Spratt “I’m dressed!” A big part of me is costume. “You know what I’m saying.” If you see Jack Spratt you’re seeing something wild.

Fantasy: yeah man, I’ve seen drawls man… I think I’ve probably even seen Bruce Lee before. ((LOL))

Jack Spratt: yeah it’s a lot and of course with that you get a lot of opinions, a lot of comments so I really have to get my mind focused and keep my eyes on the prize. One time I was at Essence and I was interviewing people… I had some underwear on and “this dude called me a fag and I just lost it!” I went crazy and ever since then I had to really… ((LOL)) I had to really get my mind together. I said to myself “ok man you’re out here… people are going to be commenting you have to be mentally stable and stay strong enough not to react and stay focused and do what you’re doing.

Q:Fantasy:  You’re known to your fans as Jack Spratt… Where did your alias come from? Why do you think our nicknames are so far from our real names? (i.e. your name is Gary, yet your nickname is Booty or you’re Tiffany, but you’re known as Munchkin) ((LOL)) What are some of the funniest nicknames that you’ve heard thus far?

A:Jack Spratt: Jack Spratt is an old nursery rhyme. I heard it when I was a kid. My grandfather’s name was Jack, my name is Jackyron. Jack is the first four letters of my name so my family’s been calling me Jack for years. When I was writing I couldn’t come up with a rap name. I thought of Jack, Jack Frost, when
I said Jack Spratt it was the best name. It stuck with me and I’ve been running with it ever since. Nicknames are just house hold names man from when you’re a baby. Your family gives you these affectionate names and they stick. Well, to me the funniest nickname is Man-Man. That’s the funniest one. Every time I hear Man-Man that’s just funny to me. Tunie, Doonie, Woonie, “you know what I’m saying?” Boogie, Woogie, Dut, Tut… I’ve hear a lot of them.

Q:Fantasy:  The world is an interesting place. It can be cold, lonely and cruel. Racism and prejudice still exists… why? Do you feel that we are dying out as an African American race? Is it due to disease or because we’re mostly saturated with self-hatred? Other races are known to stick together in terms of supporting one another; especially financially… in your opinion, why haven’t we gelled?

A:Jack Spratt:  Racism and prejudice has existed since the beginning of time. It dates back to the Isrealites and Palestinians. People get together and say, “alright, we’re alike and they’re different.” They form different opinions and different judgments and they go from there.”  What was the question again? ((LOL)) I go off on tangents sometimes. Fantasy: racism and prejudice still exists… why? Jack Spratt: Some of it is ignorance… some of it is fear. Some people have the complex whereas they have to step on other people to make themselves feel greater or better. I still think that it all comes down to ignorance. It depends on how you look at it.  We definitely have to be the most violent race of people in America. I don’t hear of Chinese people getting into gun fights or any other race inflicting so much violence on one another like we do. I won’t say that we’re going extinct, but I will most definitely say that we need the lord to touch our race in order  to stop some of the foolishness that’s going on. I think it’s a combination of things. I was going to say that it’s in part due to self hatred and ignorance. When I say ignorance I mean as far as disease and cholesterol and breast cancer. We need to know about things as such, as a people, and exercise early detection. We need to be educated more. We’re perishing due to a lack of knowledge as a people and self hatred.  We don’t really support our own businesses like we should. Meanwhile, there’s a Brother’s in every hood and we support them. There are Urban clothing stores, owned by Arabs, we support that. We have people who take our recipes for seafood and do it better than us and we support that. As a people we don’t follow our entrepreneurial spirits as we should and the few of us that do… we don’t get enough. I’d have to go back to self hatred. It has to. It’s like we’re trained to not wanna see one another prosper or do well and that’s especially in New Orleans.  For some reason this is the ultimate crab in the barrel place.  If you can make it here you really can make it anywhere. They say that about New York, but New York has whey more resources that we have. It’s a big disparity in New Orleans between the have’s and have not’s; a big difference.

Q:Fantasy: The word love is a strong word that should have no limit. I feel that if the world had more of it… it would be a better place. Do you feel that it is possible for all races to unite in the name of love… in our lifetime? What would be the first step toward achieving this? What would be the last?

A:Jack Spratt:  I mean thru God Anything is possible, but I don’t thinks it’s going happen. I don’t even think it’s about racism. I think it’s about the heart of people; to me I see the true and untrue, the good VS. the evil. If everybody’s good… there’s no battle. It’s the Lord VS. the devil. They don’t have hands and feet; they interact thru people. The Lord uses people, the devil uses people. Every body uniting in love? I mean… I believe that it’s possible because the Lord tells us that all things are possible, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Q:Fantasy: Our president is black. Presidents are said to be elected by the people and for the people. Why do you feel that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has decreased? If you were his advisor what steps would you advise him to take in order to get re- elected?

A:Jack Spratt: I’m going to be honest with you. He’s definitely better than his predecessor. I believe that it’s also a lot of… a lot of things that he promised when he ran that he still hasn’t done yet. He was like “I’m about to bring the troops home… the troops are coming home;” he just about to bring them home now and he’s about to get out of office. I’m like man what’s going on? That war was like millions and millions of dollars or whatever they were saying. So… and then you know by him being an African- American president… I mean even if he was a white man the republican’s would be on him. I believe it’s intensified because he is a black man. I believe that racism and bigotry does exist. It plays a part in his presidency, but at the same time I’m not going to just give him a pass. You gotta do what you said you were going to do. I do think that they over react sometimes and they don’t give him enough slack, but umm I’m happy for him, ((LOL)) but I’m sure he knew what he was getting in to. To me in anything that you do it’s all about sincerity and integrity. I don’t care if you made a mistake, if you did something wrong, just admit it, discuss it with people, and let them go from there. If you’re trying to politic and bullsh%t I think people could just see thru it. People already expect that from politicians and I think the reason that he won is because he tapped into that. He tapped into… you know he was so sincere and he had integrity and people felt the basis that he was running on. Man I feel it in my heart it was like change, I believe, yes. He was very practical. Sometimes I listen to presidential speeches and I don’t understand the terminology.  He broke it down just like Bill Clinton both of those were down to earth, down home gentlemen who broke everything down in Layman’s terms and really got you up to speed instead of talking over your head.

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Q:Fantasy: Reading is fundamental! You’re called to substitute for a second grade class… your instructions are to select a book that is fun, educates the students about history and aids them in understanding the difference between right and wrong? What’s the title of this book?  Why is it your top choice? What has it taught you? What did your teachers instill in you as a child; that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life?

A:Jack Spratt: “Choices”  I feel that everything that we do comes down to choices; choices and decisions that we make. That’s really what wisdom is. You could have knowledge, but when you have wisdom you know what choices to make. To me life is all about choices… all about choices. “Choices?” ok… It’s a real book? ((LOL)) I remember as a child reading wasn’t my… When you’re a kid you’re not like “hey man let’s go read a book!” you’re like lets go out and shoot ball.  As a child reading wasn’t my uh… a great deal of stuff that I learned was by television documentaries. The main thing I used to read at my school was the weekly reader. I read a lot, but it was assignments at school because I did so much. I was a very good student; honor student all thru out high school and everything. I thought that reading was a skill; I apologize it’s not one of my hobbies. I read what I liked to read. I read about sports all day, certain politics. I like to read about history too. Don’t be lazy. I’ve heard this all my life. You have a lot of potential and it’s going to be up to you as to whether or not you live up to it.

Q:Fantasy: Give your top ten list of the greatest scary films of all time? Who makes the final cut; on your top five list of favorite MC’s? Which MC, out of the five selected, is your ultimate favorite? Why?

A:Jack Spratt: I want ya’ll to know that I’m terrified of scary movies. I don’t enjoy being scared. I’m older now… so I just choose not to watch them all together. I can give you five of course, #1 Nightmare On Elm Street #2 Halloween #3 The Exorcist #4 The Entity #5 Friday the 13th and Dress to Kill. I get nervous talking about them. There’s a lot of different factors that I weigh into selecting my top 5 MC’s. It isn’t just talent. It’s individual… everybody likes what they like. I like rappers who make you feel; their words just stir you up. I’d just be like he nice. He’s a real nice MC. Of course I like Jay- Z, Nas, DMX, Beanie Sigel, and Tupac. I would have to say that Tupac  is my favorite. He’s like the perfect cross section of a real human. People was like, “man he was confused,” but that’s just the essence of human existence; the spirit VS. the flesh. He always spoke from the heart. Either he was like I love you or kiss my ass. He just always spoke from a sincere part in him and that’s what you have to respect. Like… Biggie was good, but at the end of the day Biggie just stood for money clothes, and hoes. If you go back and watch the Pac interviews… he was really trying to change a generation. He was trying to change album sales into votes and the real power. Nobody else is doing it. I never really seen it done on that scale before. They had people that was trying, but not like Tupac.

Q:Fantasy: When I was a kid I recall teaming up with my friends and pretending that we were in a group. We were Xscape… sliding across the floor in our socks, singing on hair brushes. ((LOL)) Did you have a group of pals that you did crazy things with? How much of you as a child has rubbed off on your children?

A:Jack Spratt: When I was growing up the group to be was New Edition. New edition was the hottest thing going. I was Ronnie Devoe he wasn’t even one of the popular ones he turned out to be popular later on when BBD came out.  He was just a dude with a jherri curl back then. My kids are so young right now. My daughter she’s three. I’m just starting to see her personality she’s wide open. She’s like a practical joker. My son just started walking. He’s not even talking yet. I think he’s gonna be wild. He’s wild just like me; just all over the place. He’s a live wire.

Q:Fantasy:  Being in the entertainment industry means constantly grinding. On average, how many hour of sleep do you get per day? Do you see this changing anytime soon? How do you feel after being interviewed? How much closer do you feel it will bring you to your fans/supporters?

A:Jack Spratt: On average I get between 3 to 5 or 3 to 6 hours of sleep. It’s getting slimmer. That number is slimming down to probably 3 to 4. It’s because of my schedule. I work an 8 to 5 job and I’m Jack Spratt the entertainer in all of the subsequent hours; all of the hours in between. I feel relieved. I feel like somebody’s asking me some questions and wants to know how I feel about some things. That’s a good feeling; especially if I answered the questions the way that I would like to, confidently. I get my point across well. I’ve never really been asked these types of questions that caused my mind to answer some of these topics. I hope that everything that I’ve said shows a different side of me and will give them more insight on me as a person and not just the person that they see in videos and on pictures; the actual mind of Jack Spratt.

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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