“Who is Kali’ Red?”…. Read to find out!

Kali-RedQ: Fantasy: Hi. tell us a little bit about yourself… who are you?

A: Kali’ Red: I am an educated, street smart, hard working, business minded… determined young woman that is skilled/qualified in both marketing & organizational LEADERship, as well as, finance. I am an inspirational Motivator, a great Supporter, a Lover, an Advocate for battered women, a model (new to the music video vixen scene)a promoter, a member of 102.9fm FootWerc Friday’s DreamTeam, a spokesperson & Co-CEO of the 76ers Stop the Violence Movement, the face of Body In Motion Fitness Studio, 1st Diva of Club Voila‘s “Indulge Friday’s“, and a Social-lite of NOLA‘s night life scene.

Q: Fantasy:  What are you passionate about?

A: Kali’ Red:  I am passionate about LOYALTY, LOVE, & SUPPORT. I will soon be launching “Kali’ Red’s Initiative: Take Your Life Back Foundation”, I am passionate about being of service to others… I believe in giving nothing less than 100% in everything that I do.

Q: Fantasy:  Describe your childhood and where you grew up?

A: Kali’ Red:  I had a pretty normal, yet stable childhood. I was born and raised in New Orleans in the 17th ward also known as Hollygrove. I spent my pre-teen & teenage years living on the Westbank in Algiers. My mother decided to purchase a home in that area. Some of my favorite areas to hang out with friends consisted of… uptown,  the 6th ward and lower 9th ward. I was a student at Warren Easton!

Q: Fantasy: When you awaken daily what’s the first thing that you do…. what’s the last thing?A: Kali’ Red:  When I awaken daily, the 1st thing that I do is Thank God for giving me another day of life. Afterwards… I brush my teeth, wash my face/shower, do my hair, get dressed and walk my dog (Diamond-Ice).
Q: Fantasy:  Who is “Kali’ Red?” Where was the name derived from… why do you feel it best suits you?
A: Kali’ Red:  I am a hard working, ambitious person that has high hopes of making a positive impact within society; while touching the lives of others. I have survived many struggles and I believe in standing up for what is RIGHT! Kali’ Red, CoCo Kim Kardashian and Fire Flames are the alter egos of Yana Miti (my government name). My goal is to show females of all ages that you can be/do what ever you want to in life. Don’t let any one or anything stop you! I also intend to shed light upon and put to rest all of the long term myths in the entertainment industry; by demonstrating how a female can be BEAUTIFUL, GLAMOROUS, HOTTTT  and stay on the SCENE while being EDUCATED, TALENTED, about her BUSINESS and KEEP it REAL by saying what’s on her mind.

The name Kali’ Red, derived from my nail technician and good friend celebrity nail tech. Cali (Tedra) Red in Texarkana, Tx. She is a beast on nail designs! One of the COLDEST nail techs in the south. She has been employed by and has owned nail salons all across the country. She is beyond creative, talented, and gifted. Cali touched my life in a very SPECIAL way. I had no one else during my last two years in Texas; I was going through a lot… she had my back. She was also a battered woman that almost lost her life twice due to domestic violence. She had a lot of down-falls but always pulled through for her kids no matter what. Cali always told me how proud she was of me. At times she would say 
even though I’m much older than you, I look up to you little lady!

One day in July of 2010(while at Cali’s shop getting a pedicure) I told her that I was thinking about starting my first Face Book page, but I didn’t have a nick name nor had I ever had one in my life time. So she told me to use her name and old email address(that she had never used) in order to match the name on my page. I just changed the C to a K and added an apostrophe behind the i’ to add some type of difference. Photos of Cali and her nail art can be viewed on my face book page. I haven’t had a chance to upload the pictures that she sent to me from Atlanta, Ga of her and Tiana Taylor (music artist, actor) on the day she created… “junk nails.” 

Q: Fantasy:  If you could become one person that you admire… who would that person be? Why?

A: Kali’ Red:  If I could become one person that I admire, I would choose to become Ms. Oprah Winfrey. I chose Oprah because she is a very smart, confident business Mogul that has lended a helping hand to and touched the lives of millions of people. “She is a LEADER!”

Q: Fantasy:  If you were on stage(the world is your audience) you have one opportunity to gain their support and to speak out against something that troubles you… what would it be? How would you gain their support?A: Kali’ Red:  I would speak out against domestic violence, and the importance of putting an end to it. I would gain their support by sharing my personal testimony. I am a surviving… former battered woman.
Q: Fantasy:  For all of the fellas that desire to know… “is Kali’ Red single?”… what’s your ideal mate?

A: Kali’ Red:  YES!!!! Kali’ Red is SINGLE and FREE by choice! I am ENJOYING my stress Free life right now, by strictly DOING ME! I am just mingling for the time being. My ideal mate would be very loving, kind, respectful, affectionate, have a little sense of humor. He would also be HARD WORKING, stylish, smooth,(laid back) and a good listener. He would also be very supportive, unselfish or stingy. He would need to be a great provider (knows how to wear the pants in the relationship), a great lover (not afraid to be romantic), someone who likes to have fun and enjoy life. He must be capable of making me laugh. I love men that are business minded,  that always stays on top of their hustle and doesn’t mind being on their grind.

 Thank You Very Much!
“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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