Enticing Objects – Kei Models

Enticing Objects – Kei Models


Interview By: Thais Mills

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a beautiful movement to build the brand of a successful modeling agency. With over 4.5 million bookmarks shipped out I’ve been blessed to meet stunning people in the world doing amazing things. Takes more than a camera and a face to be a model. You have to be more than ” pretty ” to be a model. Your tone must set direct standards for the brand you represent. Im always blown away when I hear stories of models and the interesting agencies that launched them…   While down in New Orleans I stumbled into a new club. 

Aside from music and drinks I noticed a group of girls that.. well ” stood out “. In their own zone of laughter and good times. The models were stunning and the Agency’s owner was there to cheer her girls on. I tapped her on the shoulder between songs and asked a few questions. Her name is Tiffany ” Fantasy ” Clements of Kei Management and she’s deep. This lady is ocean deep guys.  Her models invite you to a more Avante Garde style of capturing beauty. To say thanks for her time I’ll be sending art from ( you guessed it ) www.EnticingObjects.com     1. What inspired the name for your modeling agency ?

My eight year old daughter Keiani is my inspiration and whom the company is named for.
 2. Confess your favorite book and why ?
My favorite book is The Coldest Winter Ever by. Sista Souljah because the characters remind me of someone I was or knew or could possibly become.
 3. How can women work better together in business ?
Women can work together in business by not being selfish and understanding that being successful means being a blessing to others.
 4. What’s one quality that makes women a beautiful Enticing Object ?
One quality that makes a woman beautiful and enticing is being passionate about helping others…” There is a blessing in helping those that can’t help themselves.”
 5. Are you single and how important is being in love and being in busness ?

I am not single. To be in love and to be in business means you have to find balance. Sometimes your relationship can suffer due to conducting business or vice versa.   This column is inspired by my art store, EnticingObjects.com Im sending Couture Magnets to all the models of Kei Management !!     ________________________ Back to Models that’s Enticing. Tiffany & her team can be found being beautiful in New Orleans, La. click here ! photos & make-up by Brian Perkins & Shan Williams    



About Fantasy

Tiffany “Fantasy” Clements is an American journalist and Tastemaker… who specializes in developing creative content for websites, behind the scenes press, and event recaps. She’s also an innovator and the executive director of marketing and branding at Keiani Enterprises full-service agency. Tiffany has a knack for strategic planning and relevant content development, which leverages brands and helps small businesses propel forward. In her spare time when she’s not writing her fingers to the bone, over a Community cup of coffee, she swaps ideas with like-minded entrepreneurial peers in order to grow, learn, guide, and elevate. Follow her via social network by clicking any of the links below. Don't forget to say hello!

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