Kidd Kidd Says… “Being Humble Means the World to Me!”

G-Unit Kidd Kidd- Rida-Gang

:Fantasy: G-Unit‘s Kidd Kidd gives us his spill on the obstacles that he has overcome, his inspiration behind his new hit song “Shooting Guns,” and what it feels like to be connected with 50 Cent. He wants to give back to the city of New Orleans once he becomes a millionaire. Kidd Kidd feels that he is somewhat a reflection of the late great Souljah Slim and when Souljah passed, he passed him the baton to press on for New Orleans, and soar to greater heights.

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Kidd Kidd

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Everything that I rap about is my personal testimony. I write my own music. I try to keep it me, I try to keep it as real as possible.

Kidd Kidd: “I do what I do for the people… it’s a blessing. Being humble means the world to me!”

Kidd Kidd: I’m single. I like girls that don’t even know who I am. Women that’s not in the industry can understand what I go thru(in terms of female fans, etc.), but they have to have something going on in their lives too… whereas their life isn’t all about me. Industry chics may understand a little more because they go thru the same thing.

“The Rida Gang are my brethren!”

50 Cent is the definition of a Reallionaire.”

Kidd Kidd: “The day that Souljah Slim died was my birthday(Nov. 26th).  I looked up to him… he was the example of how your city could hold you down. My biggest fear is my own city taking me under.
:Fantasy: No matter how much Kidd Kidd travels the world all roads lead back to NOLA’s 9th ward, it’s home.


“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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