“Mark Caesar Says… Being a Comedian is Everything to me.”

“Mark Caesar Says… Being a Comedian is Everything to me.”

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Q: Fantasy:  Who is Mark Caesar? Where did you grow up? What schools did you attend? What do you do for a living? How did you get started? Were you a nerd when you were in school?

A: Mark Caesar: Mark Caesar is a comedian, actor, model from New Orleans, La. from the uptown area of New Orleans; Freret St. to be exact. I run a comedy company (Piss Yo Pants Comedy). I went to James Lewis Elementary (that’s uptown in the Garden District area). I went to Samuel J. Middle School, I went to Green, Fortier for a little while, and after Fortier I went to Riverdale. I graduated from Riverdale.  A nerd… I was really smart. In 8th grade I was class president and when I was in 12th grade I was homecoming king. I still was a really smart kid, like super smart… I mean like 4.0 smart.  In class people wanted to be around me, on the yard people wanted to stay away from me because I used to be that guy on the yard ribbing and stuff like that so you know that was how high school was for me. So, I was cool with everybody.

Q: Fantasy: What does being a comedian mean to you? Please elaborate.

A: Mark Caesar: Being a comedian is my world… it’s everything to me. I’ve made all of my career decisions… everything I do in my life I base it around my next show for the most part. I was in the military I got out of the military to pursue my career harder. Comedy is everything to me. Someone who can change someone’s day around, someone who controls the room with a bunch of different personalities , who come in there with different opinions of you before they even get to know you, and just making them love you before it’s all over with.

Q: Fantasy: So would you kind of say that comedian is somewhat like a modern day pimp or something like that? ((LOL))

A: Mark Caesar: I wouldn’t say that… well, if you’re talking about pimping in your mind. I would say a comedian is someone who just demands attention for the most part because most comedians are like that; you know loud and they rub people the wrong way a lot before people get to know them. They be like, “man he get on my nerves, but he funny.”

Q: Fantasy: What’s this thing where people are always afraid to sit in the front when you’re at a comedy show? I’ve noticed… it’s like people are like oh, no I’m not gonna sit up there. So, is that comedians always rib the people in the front or how does that work?

A: Mark Caesar: I think it’s because of what they’ve been seeing on TV. If you’re the front you kind of get singled out a little bit if you’re laughing hard. So, the people that do sit in the front they kind of like laugh with their hand over their mouth or something like that, but I be like man come in here and cut up get in this front row and act a fool. I don’t talk about the people in the crowd.  Some comedians… well, I do that I’m gonna take that back.  I’ve done it only if it’s brought to me like that, but um some comedians do. They’ll pick on someone in the crowd, but most of the shows you do you could see everybody so I don’t  know if they know.We have a big light up there. We could still see.

Q: Fantasy: When we were children we played all sorts of games. Name your favorite. How do you play this game? If you had to create a game of your own for children ages 7-13… what would the title of this game be? What are the rules? How would you play it?

A: Mark Caesar:

Q: Fantasy: Recently, 20+ plus students were shot and killed in New Town at Sandy(Sandy Hook) Elementary school. This shook up the entire nation and bought us all to tears. There has been a constant back and forth about gun control what are your thoughts on this? What additional measures can be taken in schools to ensure students safety?

A: Mark Caesar:  It’s a difficult situation because people say that if I don’t have a gun how do I protect my family and stuff like that, but this guy had assault rifles. There’s no need for assault rifles in society.  In civilian society there is no need to have a gun that can hold 50 rounds and pinpoint accuracy and all that type of stuff. There’s no need for that. You know what I’m saying? I feel like we could regulate. It’s an amendment any way. It’s the second amendment so we could definitely adjust it to where there’s some type of control on assault rifles. Hand guns… okay, you have a .40 caliber handgun in your house to protect your family okay, I can see that. That’s kind of pushed too. I think, from my point of view, I think it’s a push still at the same time. You could change those amendments or make an amendment to an amendment.  I don’t think there’s no need for assault rifles to be brought over the counter. You know what I’m saying?

Q: Fantasy:  what additional measures in schools do you feel can be taken to ensure the safety of our students?

A: Mark Caesar: That’s hard to say because you never know where the trouble is going to come from. It could be a teacher one day, it could be the security guard one day, you know what I’m saying. It could be anybody. The fact that this guy had nothing to do with this elementary school… maybe they did have security I don’t know. I don’t know the whole story that’s something we can look into. I mean having security on campus is a major thing. I mean like having some type of armed security on campus. I know when I was in high school, maybe because it was Orleans parish, but we did have security guards. I think adding more security… at least one to every school.


Marilyn Monroe

I believe that everything happens for a reason people change so that you can learn to let go things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right you believe lies so eventually you will learn to trust no one, but yourself and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.—Marilyn Monroe



Q: Fantasy: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this? Compare it to one of your most memorable life experiences whether good or bad.

Mark Caesar

Mark Caesar

Everything in life is a learning experience and you build your own perception once you go thru something.—Mark Caesar





Q: Fantasy: When was Piss Yo Pants created?  Give us a little history lesson.

bunnyA: Mark Caesar: Piss Yo Pants began as a nickname people would say man dude is piss yo pants funny. He is so funny that he makes you piss yourself when you’re laughing. The first comedy show was in 2009 with the Bad Boys of Comedy it was called Piss Yo Pants Comedy. October 2011 I approached young comedians that were doing open mic… #teampissyopants was born. The name team piss yo pants came from my DJ, DJ GQ. He tweeted #pissyopants and it took off.

Q: Fantasy: One of the most popular and hilarious videos that Piss Yo Pants has created “Stuff New Orleans Girls Say.” How much fun did you guys have creating that? Did you study some of the females beforehand?

A: Mark Caesar: 900,000 views… was created in 30mins. Lawiiieeeee is a phenomenon… an evolution. Girls in New Orleans like to exaggerate their words. I went to twitter jail three times and we were trending around the world.

Q: Fantasy: You’re going on tour on the 17th of this month. .. “Mark Caesar, My Time.” What cities will you tour in? What other projects do you have in the works? Laugh and Sip happens every Thursday (3001 Tulane Ave.). How do we purchase tickets? What can we expect to experience?

A: Mark Caesar: www.pissyopants.com,  meet me on Twitter @pissyopants1,  mcaesar13@gmail,com.

Tour cities===> Jacksonville, FL,==>Vicksburg, Miss,==> Mobile, Al,==> Atlanta G,==> Seattle, and New Orleans. On Jan 27th I’ll be performing at Café Istanbul.

I will be playing Mark Essex, The Essence of Essex ( 3517 Law St.), sniper on top of Howard Johnson hotel. Co-host on The Cookie Jar. The sexy 5’7” assassin, it was a natural, lateral movement. I love her she’s good people. The show is getting better and better. The chemistry is out of this world.

Q: Fantasy: During your career thus far what has been your most memorable moment and what do you forsee in terms of your future?

A: Mark Caesar: My most memorable moment was the day that we dropped Stuff New Orleans Girls Say. I went to Twitter jail like three times.Small stuff stand out. I’ve done some things, but winning Louisiana’s funniest person was big to me. It was huge. Selling out my 3rd one hour special on Freret st.,  Mark Caesar Freret St. Special. The advice that I get from Ms. Dupree, watching my team perform, we need an urban comedy club in New Orleans. African American people like stand-up comedy. If they could go to a comedy show every night they would. My dream is my own morning show. My dream is to have people wake up to me in the morning like Folgers. I have my own talk radio show…

Q: Fantasy: How do you feel after being interviewed?

A: Mark Caesar: Thank you to anyone that everyone supported me thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love each and everyone of you and if this was an interview where you all could see me I would kiss each and every one of you in the mouth.


“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

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