R.I.P. Mr. Magic You Will Be Missed

R.I.P. Mr. Magic You Will Be Missed


Rest in peace Mr. Magic. I love you. You will be missed

I caught up with the awesome Mr. Magic on the set of Blow my High Music video and here’s what he had to say===>Press Play to Listen Live===> [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/66109740″ iframe=”true” /]

As a child Mr. Magic would rap in the bathroom and in the shower. He would sit in front of the mirror with a hair brush in his hand. He began is career trap rapping on the streets of the 9th ward. C Murder discovered him and the rest is history. His mom and dad are entertainers as well… it’s been in his blood since day one.

He practices and free styles.

A part of his studio ritual is that he records at night. He gotta smell his good smell in the air while he’s recording.  He’s Mr. I smoke I drink. ‘What did you expect?” There’s no playing in the studio while he’s working. He has fun when he’s done… being in the studio is real serious to him.

I make music its up to the people to decide whether it’s history or not.

Being on the set with Beat doctor, Ay Bay Bay, Merk Da Lyrical Tantrum, and Juvenile… They’re family it was like a reunion. I  enjoy being myself. Being legend means everything to me… with a title as such a lot comes behind that.


Eat sleep and shit music 100%. You only get out of it what you put into it. You gotta go hard if you wanna be successful.

Q:Fantasy: When you hear the quote “Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A:Mr. Magic: the first thing that comes to mind is is family… without them I’m nothing. I feel that I’m stronger, I’m much better.

Q:Fantasy: If I were an orphan and you were my mentor if you could teach me 5 values in life that would carry me thru business, personal relationships and obstacles what would they be? Begin with the most important.

A:Mr. Magic: A Personal relationship with God, hard work ethic, be a person whose capable of love and capable of bending, work on your talent. Never think that you’re that good there’s always some one coming up right behind you trying to take your spot. If you don’t hold on to it… It’ll quickly get taken away from you.

Q:Fantasy: How do we get in touch with you… ?

A:Mr. Magic: Banx TV on You Tube. For features and collaborations call 318-280- 9621 and speak to Fred Johnson. I’m at my best when it’s music that I love. My Twitter is @mrmagic504. I love seeing all of the comments. I do it for ya’ll so tweet me. Some of the craziest comments I’ve gotten from fans. I didn’t realize I was cute before. They tell I’m cute so I go in. I’m more of a ladies man now. 70% of my fans in the beginning were thugs now its 90% women. I captured minds back in the day… during the time of no limit. You get caught up when you listen to my music. This is the evolution of Mr. Magic. The biggest pair of drawers that I’ve received while on stage… I use as curtains in my studio ((LOL)), but I love the big girls. Underneath rap I’m a God fearing man. My personal relationship with God is the foundation of my success.

Here’s one of Mr. Magic’s latest projects

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

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