“Orleans Parish Prison Gone Wild… Real Breaking News!”

“Orleans Parish Prison Gone Wild… Real Breaking News!”


You Down With O. P. P. (Orleans Parish Prison)?

Two days ago inmates in Orleans Parish Prison (O.P.P.) released video footage which displays the conditions and their lifestyle inside of O.P.P. This shocking and gruesome video will inspire you to take action or move you to tears. It shows excessive drug use, gambling, inmates drinking alcohol, etc. The Star Inmate is videoed leaving the prison. He hangs out on Canal and Bourbon St. as his camera man captures footage of the free world.


If this introduction has shocked you… the rest of this article and video will scare the living sh#t out of you! Don’t just take my word for it. Scroll down to read more!—Fantasy

The beginning of the video shows an inmate shooting (injecting drugs into his veins with the use of a needle) double doses of heroine (brown boy).  They are also smoking weed (marijuana) and popping pills. Some of these prescription meds are Percocet (bananas or wiggas), and Vicodin (M-357). “We rolling like a dogbrown boy(heroine) vicodin (M357),”  says one of the inmates. Money lines their hands as they shoot dice. As they share cans of Budweiser and inmate says… “We are holding it down for new Orleans.”


Drugs and Alcohol…

There is a cooler visible in the background; which I assume is filled with alcohol. Inmates claim that they are tweaking for crack. They believe that the city officials are corrupt and are all about a dollar. The star inmate says that he’s going to get a Heineken (beer). The camera moves and captures a 17 year old inmate taking vicodin and chasing it (drinking) with a Budweiser (beer). Several other inmates prepare to snort a line of coke (cocaine) atop of the Holy Bible.


Videos of women play on a television set in the background; while the other inmates take turns snorting lines of coke. The star inmate walks straight out of his prison cell and into society.  He is hanging out on Canal St. N.O.P.D. (New Orleans Police Department) vehicles are clearly visible, yet no one recognizes the fact that he’s an inmate. During his stroll down Bourbon St. he communicates with tourists. Star inmate turns to the camera and states that he is scheduled to go to court on August 5th “If they don’t let me go I’m running.”


Star Inmate… Details

Once Star Inmate arrives back at the prison he takes us on a journey thru the kitchen and shower area. The kitchen is right next to the mildew infested shower where the inmates bathe. Wow! They have to eat their meals near the shower where they bathe? The inmates that serve the meals aren’t wearing a hair net or gloves. Next… Star Inmate gives his spill on cell over- crowing, additional unsanitary conditions, life without air conditioning, etc.


“There is a serious over -crowding in the prison cells. The toilets are filled with mildew as well… It’s hot in there,” he says. There are large sticky traps in the cells to catch rats. We have to kill rats ourselves. There is no washer and dryer. Clothing is washed by hand.


Living Conditions

Star Inmate: We are living nasty.  There isn’t even a place to put a trashcan. It has to be sat down on the floor; as he lifts a plate of spoiled beans. Marlin Gusman does nothing for us. We have to endure the smell of spoiled, uneaten food, and it’s unsanitary.

There are no cleaning supplies. 14 people share a 10 person cell. They sleep on the floor… where they have been bitten by spiders. The walls are dirty and possibly filled with lead. The H.O.D. (house of detention) is supposed to be closed down, but they’re wondering why they’re incarcerated there.


The Smells and It’s Hot Inside of the Prison

“No AC (air conditioning) and there are no windows. Inmates sit near the bars of their cells in order to catch air. When it’s hot outside they have to endure the sweltering heat and when it’s cold they are freezing. “We need help, says Star Inmate. It isn’t a racist thing, but look around and it’s nothing but black people. The chief of the police is stealing money and the mayor is under investigation. They are requesting that new officials be elected to office.

Where is the money going? We have to hang a blanket up in order to take a sh#t. The toilet flushes on a timer. After two flushes you have to wait 15 minutes before you can flush it again.  His cell is next to the commode so he has to inhale feces every time his cell mates have a bowel movement.


Star Inmate: The system is greedy for money. They’ll do anything for money. They’ll do anything behind money. We’re getting it in, says the inmate as he flashes his cell phone. For the right price you get what you want.

CNN Gets First Bid

CNN ya’ll get first bids on this tape. I have the 404 Atlanta number 827-2600. I’m going to call and I want to cut a deal.This is real breaking news; Orleans Parish Prison exposed… the city is corrupt.—Star Inmate

“Is this real breaking news? Indeed it is.”—Fantasy

Warning this video is rated R and not suitable for young audiences!”

 “Orleans Parish Prison is dysfunctional and needs immediate reform.”—6WDSU reporter Andy Cunningham

James Hitzman’s 32yr old son, Michael Hitzman, was killed in O.P.P. in 2010. The parents of the 32 year old Michael Hitzman say that he committed suicide at the O.P.P. in 2010. He was waiting to be booked for substance abuse. An hour and fourty minutes had passed before he was found hanging. (6WDSU)

The inmates have guns, contraband, and knives.—James Hitzman

Christy Richmond’s sister Cane McCall died in 2009 after having spent 4 hours in five point restraints. Christy Richmond says that seeing the video (Orleans Parish Prison Gone Wild) made her cringe. She argues that her sister’s death was easily preventable. (6WDSU)

“This video shows a complete lack of respect for prison officials at the Orleans Parish O.P.P. and in all of his years he’s never seen anything like it.” —Manuel Romero (correctional expert on jails and prisons) one of the Dept. of Justice’s expert witnesses. (6WDSU)

 “We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

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