Affordable, Private Pet Grooming Services


“Meet Jessica, the pet groomer, and the amazing purple pup!”

Our pets are like family and we love them so! We take great pride in letting them know just how special they are. They eat what we eat, sleep at the foot of our beds, and ride in our cars. If they could come with us to the barber shop or beauty salon that would be super cool! I have something that’s even better there’s a professional, private pet grooming service that comes to you.

Pricing is reasonable and your pet gets top care. Don’t just take my word for it, ask Buzz Lightyear.


Jessica grooms both large and small dogs.

Price List:

$35 for dogs up to 20lbs.(this includes nail clipping, bathing)

$45 for dogs that are 40+( this includes nail clipping, bathing)

$10 flea dip

$20 bath

$25 hair dye

Before and after has never been so neat. Check out the stylish neck piece. :~)


It’s a great time to cool off… I think he’s in agreement. 🙂


I love Clifford the Big Red Dog, but I believe that I’m madly in love with this adorable purple pup.


Contact Jessica today by calling (504) 491-2662!


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