Roca B Says… Adele Represents Soulful Music


Brandon “Roca B” McQuieter of New Orleans is an R&B sensation! He is a home grown rare jewel, and graduate of John F. Kennedy Sr. High. The alias “Roca B” was derived from school mates. Jay~Z was one of his favorite artists; the Roc movement was huge and he wore Rocawear.


I found my first love at John F. Kennedy… had my first fight there. Nowadays schools in New Orleans seems to be improving and life can be better for children here. There should be more summer activities, better schools, home economics, and glee clubs. This would give kids something to do other than going out into the streets.


The studio is my second home. I do music for a living… I sing everyday. I’ve been singing since I was 7yrs. old. One year…, during my performance at Nord‘s Essence Festival, I met Music Soul Child. It was a memorable experience. He gave me a lot of insight on the music industry. I have applied 75 to 80 percent of his advice to my career. I pay homage to Thoeclecia Bourgeois(former choir director at John F. Kennedy Sr. High). She taught me all of the basics that I needed to know about music.


What happened to Trayvon Martin and the 20yr. old that was gunned down here in New Orleans was crazy. Things are getting worse; not better. There’s always gonna be racial profiling. The system doesn’t work. African-Americans are looked at in a negative perspective based on past situations. I can’t phathom things as such happening on a day to day basis.


Adele represents soulful music. I had to cover “Someone Like You.” I had to go for it. The first time that I went into the studio… I knocked it out. Adele inspired me… her tone… the way that she sings. I love her voice! The words in that song took over me. Ledisci is my top favorite r&b female artist.

I’ll be dropping an album by Mother’s Day, “Bounce Meets R&B Vol I.” It may features artist’s as such as Big Choo, Gotti Boi Chris, PNC, and Kourtney Heart.

I’m a perfectionist and I keep it 100(real). Every Satuday on Q93 with DJ Poppa and Juggie you catch me live on air during Social Shake Down. You can find me on Face Book as Brandon Roca B. McQuieter, Youtube(search Game Ova Boys), and Twitter @Roca_B.

I would love to get into acting. I love to act. I want the whole world to know who Roca B is… I wanna branch out. I hope that this interview draws my fans closer to me. “Everyday you’re gonna persevere through life, continue to reach for your goals. Stay tuned…

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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