“Under The Microscope….” The Private Diaries Of Se7en Johnson.”

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Q: Fantasy: Tell me a little about yourself… Who you are?  Where did you grow up?  What’s your fondest childhood memory?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: I grew up in the 12th Ward area of New Orleans, LA. ” I’m GHETTILLIGENT… LOL!” I’m just a person who sees in others what I want to bring out in me, so I attempt to have them see what is just as good in themselves. I am shy, more of a recluse, but fatherhood brings me joy. The thing that I remember the most is… the way people used to brag on my report cards. To have such positivity associated with my name was an amazing feeling.

As far as family goes… my fondest memory was attending concerts with my Mom and Step-Dad… And being the youngest in the crowd.

****Fantasy: ghettilligent lol

****SE7EN JOHNSON: I that know people will steal that

Q: Fantasy: what’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite song? Whose your greatest inspiration? why?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: My favorite food is Chinese. “If I had a friend of Chinese descent.. I would live at their home.” My favorite song has to be First Time by Josh Xantus because my kids mom and I were going through our rough patch in our relationship and dealing with our baby girl(Ashtyn) This was the video she sent me… I fell in love with the song.

My greatest inspiration is the strength of my daughter, Ashtyn, due to what she went through early on in life.  It’s also within my daughter Jaidyn’s smile because of her desire to be so independent at an early age.

Q: Fantasy:  If you could change one thing about the world what would it be and why?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: I would change the way we view one another because we see too many reasons to hate, put  down, grab down and hurt one another. We rarely look to the next person, their achievements and accomplishments as our opportunity to be better. If we learn to pull out the best in the next individual, we reveal the greatness within ourselves. It kills me that we as a nation are so DIVIDED.. We as a race are so SUBTRACTED… Jealousy as an issue is always ADDED, and our hate to see one make it has MULTIPLIED…. Yet we still don’t get the ANSWER to the EQUATION… Which still comes back to YOU. That’s “OUR HATE to see….”

Q: Fantasy:  If there was something you could add to your life to make it sweeter what would it be? If there was something you could change about yourself what would it be? Why?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: I would add my kids and their mom( Ashley) to it on the daily basis. She showed me what sacrifice for love to come back to love is truly about. She backed off so that I could do me when it came to this, but she kept her hands on my shoulders and pushed me forward. “I love her for that.”

I would change my shyness. I am aggressive at a point, but I also fall back in order to prevent hurting others’ feelings. I would go without so that others can have. I just won’t ever apply that to business. “I’m a shark when it comes to that and a guppy when it comes to emotions.”

Q: Fantasy: When did you begin telling stories from your heart…. thru the eyes of others? What do others say to you once they read what you have written? Does it inspire you to do more?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: I really began writing in February of ’10. I use to send a quote a day to family and a few friends, but I changed cell phones and it was too complicated to do. Ashley’s dad Richard was the person who encouraged me to do this. I really got more in depth when I came to FACEBOOK and began writing notes.

Many people say that I read their minds… I stand in their windows… I’m that fly on the wall of their emotion. I think I say what people can’t put into words… it’s easy for them to apply what i write and translate it into words of their own.

It does inspire me because it’s like giving a gift… When you see the happiness, or enlightenment it brings… You want to continue. It’s like a (D)uty (R)eaching (U)p &(G)rabbing people from where they thought it was comfortable to be, but you show them what true comfort is. I get a natural high from their final relief. I give full credit for my talents to GOD. I can’t explain it at times.

Q: Fantasy: Who is SE7EN JOHNSON? You’re known as the voice of New Orleans… some say you speak for the people… I say you’re a real power house… a joy to watch… you inspire and bring hope as well as light to places that have been masked within darkness… Who are you?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: I am the person you get when you read what I write… I am the question you give with the answer you MAY NOT WANT, but choose to ACCEPT… I am just what I’m supposed to be now, but waiting to see where GOD’S GRACE and BLESSING will take me to later. More than anything… I want to be everything in a dad that my daughters deserve in a father. I want to be everything in a man that their mom needs in a partner, friend and future husband. I want to be to others what they need to see in order to better themselves.

Q: Fantasy: What do you want the world to know and remember about SE7EN?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: I want the WORLD to know that I AT LEAST CHANGED ONE INDIVIDUAL. They do not have to know about the MASSES because it would defeat the purpose of the next person wanting to change “one.” We get so caught up in numbers that we forget that it isn’t about the multitude we change alone BECAUSE when you alter JUST ONE… It will have a domino effect and change millions.

Q: Fantasy: What do you say to women and men that are partners… married or in a relationship… that do not understand that it takes God… work… time… effort… unconditional love… honesty… communication… commitment… dedication… holding your tongue  in order to keep the peace… that want their relationships, but do not have any more fight left  in them?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: “HANG IN until you can’t HOLD ON.”  We create relationships from lack of patience in prayer. We pray for the right person, but we go out and look … then find the wrong one. Then when we question GOD as to who HE sent when HIS “SENDING” was just around the corner. When you have nothing left, give a little something to GOD. Take the answer…don’t look pass it to await on the sermon that you WANT TO BE YOURS. When it’s right YOU WILL PUT UP A FIGHT and LAY DOWN YOUR EGO. Love will have MANY QUESTIONS, but you SHOULD BE its ONLY ANSWER.

Q: Fantasy: If your parents… ancestors and the president were in the room right now… what would you say to them?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: “JOB WELL DONE… MAY I CONTINUE?” As in saying “May I pick up where you left off?” 

****SE7EN JOHNSON: You are the best. You need a show

****Fantasy: ((LOL))

Q: Fantasy: What’s next?

A: SE7EN JOHNSON: I’m focusing on developing my own talk show and everything that it may involve. My biggest mission is to complete my book… have merchandise with my quotes published on them sold in major stores and seeing a SE7EN iPhone/Droid App to it’s completion… if I decide to bring it to that next level.

“Just as much as my family… I want to also make the people who started the FACEBOOK journey with me proud. I want to show them you can make possible out of probable.”

Fantasy: Thanks so much…  this concludes our interview. 

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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