Publicist Shereese R. Harper Says… “In order to love our children we must first love God and then ourselves.”

Publicist Shereese R. Harper Says… “In order to love our children we must first love God and then ourselves.”


:Fantasy: Who are you? Where did you grow up? What schools did you attend? What is your earliest child hood memory?

:Shereese R. Harper:
My name is Shereese Renee’ Harper and I am a tenacious and
inspirational person that is destined for success. I am an eastern New Orleans
native who was given life by two very loving parents. One of the things that they instilled in me as a child that I carry with me today is…“in order for you to succeed in life it is imperative that you place God at the head of your life.”

I attended The Academy of the Sacred Heart for elementary school, Eleanor McMain Magnet for junior high, and graduated from Xavier Preparatory High School. I studied Criminal Justice while attending Southern University at New Orleans. Afterwards, I joined the New Orleans Police Academy. I have also attended several P.R. schools in different states that were funded by N.O.P.D.

My earliest childhood memory is going outside and playing
football and basketball with my childhood friends. I have always been very
athletic. I love physical and aggressive sports.

:Fantasy: What is your current profession? How did you get involved in this line of work? When was your business established? What areas of PR do you specialize in? In other words, do you have a specific area of concentration or are you open to working with all types of businesses?

:Shereese R. Harper:
I have two professions. The first, I am a 16 year veteran with the New Orleans
Police Department. Initially, I was the spokeswoman for the NOPD and
worked in the public relations department for 6 years. I am now an officer that is currently, embarking upon the end of my career with N.O.P.D. Second, I am the publicist at Harper & Associates public relations firm.

My foundation as a publicist began with the N.O.P.D. Harper & Associates was
established in November of 2013. We specialize in maintaining a healthy image for our clients by creating a seamless relationship between the business/artist and their consumers. Overall our broad range of training, in public relations, affords us the opportunity to work with any type of business. We work with both aspiring businesses and professionals. Our goal is to assist them in expanding their brand to the next level.

:Fantasy: What is your definition of a publicist? Why and when should a business or entertainment professional hire one? How can a publicist help a business grow?

:Shereese R. Harper:
My definition of a publicist is a person who manages and increases the public’s interest in a client. It is my belief that a publicist should be hired upon building the foundation of a business. Hiring a publicist in the early stages can ensure that a business develops and maintains a robust image while continuing to evolve into its best product, business or artist that it can become. Moreover, a publicist should be hired in the beginning because it takes time to nurture and cultivate a healthy image.

:Fantasy: Public relations professionals wear many hats. You guys specialize in just about all of the tools that are necessary for businesses to gain exposure and attract the attention of stakeholders. You do everything from image consulting to crisis management. If I was your client and I was the leader of an international band that had a very nasty, yet public breakup and I was in the process of signing an endorsement deal for a new sneaker that I created, what steps would you take to assist me in cleaning up my image. I am in danger of losing the deal.

:Shereese R. Harper:
In theory when faced with a negative to balance that negative we must flood the equation with nothing, but positive. To start the process of repairing your image we first have to regain the public’s
trust and positive view of you. In order to maintain the integrity of your image I would set up an exclusive interview with a major national media network. This would afford you the opportunity to deliver and reiterate your company’s mission statement. We would also organize several community events. These events your give your company the opportunity to give back wholeheartedly.

which is a major gain as it relates to public trust. Two of those events would be a school based event for children where you would give away several pairs of the new sneaker to the kids with the best grades and most improved in an inner city school. The second event would be a fundraiser where a percentage of your earnings for your shoe would go to the most public and needy charity fund at that time and set
up a press conference to gain additional exposure. They didn’t build Rome overnight so this is a process step by step that would have to be nurtured, however, it is a certainty that i can repair and restore your
image to full capacity.


:Fantasy: One of my favorite quotes…“When you do something you love you never have to work a day in your life.” With that being said when you are in grind mode and you’ve slipped on your thinking cap where does your inspiration come from? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re in the process of developing a brand?

:Shereese R. Harper:
I love that quote and I believe that it is true. When I am on my grind being Reese the publicist, it is not work for me, it is my passion. I know that God anointed me with the gift of gab and has strategically ordered my steps to this point. In his essence I am walking the path that he has set forth for me. The first thing that comes to mind when I am developing a brand is… how can I put this vehicle
together? How can start it and ensure that it wins the race. If I choose to touch a brand, I have to believe in that brand. Once I believe in the brand… success is my only option.

:Fantasy: What is your favorite type of shoe? What brand in particular? If you had to use four sentences from the biography of the creator of that particular brand of shoe what parts of your life would you say is similar to the creator’s?

Shereese R. Harper:
My favorite type of shoe is a tennis shoe and my favorite
brand is Nike Air Jordan.

I believe that Michael Jordan and I share some of the same tenacious characteristics. As I read Jordan’s BIO I discovered a lot of his accomplishments were developed through persistence and self-determination. Jordan was in competition with no one, but himself. This similar drive will be the pinnacle of my success. My goal is to build my business into a multi-million dollar company. I understand that in order to accomplish this I have to set and reset records. I must also continue to raise the bar.


:Fantasy: If you were asked to speak to a group of battered/single mothers that are addicted to drugs and feel that their drug addictions are the only way to escape the pressures of life, how would you go about explaining to them that there are other ways to ease their pain? I would like a single paragraph response that will also aid them in being better parents.

:Shereese R. Harper:
Today, I am here to tell each and every one of you that you are a product of God. You are special and have a unique purpose in this world. Whatever you are going through does NOT
define who you are and what God has intended for you to be. Everyone in this room has a different obstacle that they are facing however, whatever that obstacle is, it does NOT determine your destiny. We all fall short at some point and sometimes it takes just the right voice to ignite that inner voice inside of us. When that voice says… “I can and I will do better not just for my kids, but for me listen to it. Ladies in order to love our children, we must first love God and then ourselves.

Without self-love we are lost. I am here to help you find that inner love, that inner drive you
need to overcome whatever addiction you have. Ladies together we will beat whatever it is that is holding you back. As the popular song says, “I need a refill?” Ladies how many are honest enough with themselves to say I need a refill?


:Fantasy: Have you ever been in a room full of quiet people and just burst out in laughter because you’ve remembered something really funny? What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you? What was the most embarrassing thing?

:Shereese R. Harper:
Yes. I have been in a quiet room and burst out into laughter. I attend a lot of meetings so I do it all of the time, simply because I am goofy. I have a free spirit and I love to laugh. I make light of any situation… ANY SITUATION. ((LOL)) The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was when I peed in the bed while I was asleep a few years ago. Yes! As a grown woman I dreamt that I was using the bathroom. Only to suddenly awaken and realize that I was in the bed spooning with my girlfriend; I slightly peed on her too. Needless to say she was LIVID when she had to change herself and the bed linen at 4am. Oh well, such is life…you had better not judge me either… ((LOL))

:Fantasy: You have a great deal of experience when it comes to damage control and handling crisis. What is the worse situation that you’ve been involved in and how did you diffuse it? Were you happy with the outcome? If so why or why not?

Shereese R. Harper:
Being a spokeswoman for NOPD, damage control was a large portion of the job that I did daily. I would say… the worst situation that I’ve ever dealt with was reporting 9 people shot in an 8hr period. Six of those 9 people died. These shootings occurred between the hours of 9pm and 4am. I had to send out press releases and emails in order to make certain the public was informed of each separate incident. The crime in the city of New Orleans never makes me happy. When someone is murdered… you always think that was someone’s father, brother, or best friend.

:Fantasy: Thank you so much for allowing me to pick your brain. How do potential clients get in contact with you for P. R. representation? Are you on Twitter, Instagram, etc.? What projects are you currently working on? What are you future goals for Harper & Associates Public Relations Firm and how do you plan to accomplish these goals? How do you feel after being interviewed? Is there anything that you would like our readers to know that we have not yet covered?

:Shereese R. Harper: The pleasure was all mine and yes I am on twitter, Instagram
and Facebook. Follow me on Twitter @harperassociate, on Instgram @harperassociates and our web address is

My future goal for Harper and Associates is to build my business into a successful brand. I plan to do so by striving every day to be better than I was yesterday. I am working with Duke of Orleans Entertainment “Lust” LGBT event. I am also working with Shive Magazine and Fresh Oil Magazine (Christian publication). In the words of one of the famous quotes, “be so good that they can’t ignore you.” After being interviewed I feel that I have given the readers a more personal look at me… a vivid picture of my work ethic. I hope to share my obstacles, my journey, and my victory.


“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

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