Tara Hudson, Transgender Woman, Jailed with Men Prisoners

Tara Hudson, Transgender Woman, Jailed with Men Prisoners


Tara Hudson plead guilty to a beating by assault charge from a December 26 incident in Bath. She is currently incarcerated with the male population at Bristol.

Tara Hudson Transgender Woman Male Incarceration


A Bath magistrate sentenced her this past Friday after Tara plead guilty, to a December 26 assault by beating charge. Tara Hudson, the dashing blonde make up artist, is set to serve 12 weeks behind bars with the fellows. However, there is currently a petition trending which has received over 10k+ signatures and disagrees with sentencing guidelines. It states… since she is a transgender woman and has been living her life as such she should be placed among the female population instead. Supporters also feel the sentence will put Tara Hudson in danger of abuse and sexual violence. According to the Bristol Posts’ article some time ago. I can clearly see why people are worried about Tara Hudson’s safety at HMP Bristol (Bristol, UK); there are moments when spikes in violence and other bad things have the tendency to spiral out of control. Authorities are not buying into or agreeing with the creators of or supporters feelings when it comes to deciding Tara Hudson’s faith at this time. They insist her passport says she’s a man although, she has lived most of her life as a woman.


From Guys to Gals

Tara has undergone 6 years of reconstructive surgical procedures to aid her transformation process. Her mother (Jackie Brooklyn) fears for her daughter’s safety because she, like petitioners, feels the men will take advantage of Hudson. Just recently,  I read a similar petition that read something along the lines of transgender women being able to use the restroom in female facilities. With all of the laws granting LGBT rights do you think this petition will fly? Even with the few laws that have been passed in favor of the LGBT community the same rights as heterosexual men and women it’s still a touchy subject. Opinions usually result in a mixed bag. Should Tara Hudson carry out her short term sentence in jail with male or female inmates


HMP-bristol-prison inside-of-hmp-bristol-prison


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