” Thais Mills of lipserviceink.com….”Don’t Be Jealous Be Inspired!”

Thais-Mills-LipserviceInkQ: Fantasy: Tell us a little bit about yourself… Where did you grow up…. what was your childhood like?

A: Thais Mills: I grew up in Eastern New Orleans in an amazing neighborhood filled with loving families. I still hang with my neighborhood friends from 20 years ago. The age I was allowed to ride my bike longer than 3 houses away I began to find fun ways to make money. Selling lemonade powder ( not the liquid because it couldn’t work on my bike ) to having a small babysitting ring for my area.  My childhood was a whirlwind of fun times and life changing moments. I was the next door neighbor to Sally Ann Roberts since 9 yrs old, she was a huge inspiration to my passion for literacy and the arts.

Q: Fantasy: What’s your favorite food, favorite place, who’s your greatest inspiration?

I love PF Changs. The Beef and Broccoli is my thanggg !! My favorite place is any library and my greatest inspiration is my Mother.

Q: Fantasy: What is enticingobjects.com? What is lipserviceink.com? When were they created? Why? Tell us about the journey thus far.

A: Thais Mills: I started www.EnticingObjects.com in college after teaching Arts and Crafts to camp kids and having so much fun finding fun things to decorate the home. It caught on with locals and tourists. www.LipServiceInk.com started after Hurricane Katrina when I just wanted to let the world know I was still here. I wanted my city of New Orleans to smile as they rebuilt our town. I thought to keep us all connected with a single bookmark. That was 4.5 million bookmarks ago. Im still not done. 

Q: Fantasy: What is your schedule like on a day to day basis? Does it consist of a daily routine or are you more of a sporadic decision maker?

A: Thais Mills: I wake up and check my orders on www.EnticingObjects.com and process those, then return calls for www.LipServiceInk.com — what most consumes my day is painting and packing bookmarks. I pack my own bookmarks and its overwhelming at times. I walk my 3 dogs individually amd enjoy that quiet time. I don’t bring a cell phone just my dogs and old bread for the ducks. I look forward to that. I know Im such a lame. 😎
Q: Fantasy: If you could elect a single person that would be capable of changing our way of thinking when it comes to raising our children… instilling in them the value of education, the importance of giving back to our community and studying love instead of war… who would that one person be ? Why ?

A: Thais Mills: Alfred Edmond Jr.  What he does in to instill education and purpose into Black Enterprise Magazine should be elevated to a higher form and applied to the core economy. Amazing mind. Amazing Man.

Q: Fantasy: What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur.. where do they begin?

A: Thais Mills Books. Read on what you desire and allow it to make sense to you before you share it with anyone. Be patient but passionate and hungry but humble. If you build it from that foundation – they will come.

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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