“The Protrusion of Prior Promises”-Maijhe

“The Protrusion of Prior Promises”-Maijhe

Maijhe -Trevor-Williams

Trevor Williams (Maijhe)

Maijhe, As a child living in New Orleans, always had dreams of someday changing the world thru artistry before thousands. Being on a stage… touring and spreading love to the most distant of regions where water’s scarce and there’s barely any food to eat. Maijhe got introduced to poetry at the tender age of 6 due to a speech impediment… yet reading and writing everyday inspired his little heart to believe healing a nation… Isn’t impossible. His writings today are just an extension of who he is and the vividness within his pieces only paints a picture of where he’s aiming to be. He also strums the classical guitar and tickles the piano some. Having performed in a few spots around New Orleans, with so much encouragement given from friends and family to never give up; I can guarantee you that this is a dream he’s not planning on letting go of!”

“The Protrusion, of Prior Promises.”

There are dialects to comprehend. Turbulence stands inevitable so heed all repercussions earned as a lesson lent. Contort your perception, integrate love as a lethal weapon…reevaluate your moral patterns with regards to lead your brethren. Liberate the squadron of drones those political label peasants. But stray from havoc’s grasp see the mind is Lucifer’s playground, tyrants shape-shifters enslaved to the opinions plenty fakes mound. Know hate shrouds focus in achieving greatness when you create doubt. Naysayers stay reluctant still in treading forward to pave routes. And routine is poison. Void sin or that line is where you’ll fall in, Locus rather confiscate your spirit first before God paints the morning.

-Trevor Williams





“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”


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