“Life Through The Eyes Of A Father… Husband… Business Man.”

Toe-Let's-GoQ: Fantasy: Who is Torron Wilson vs. Toe Let’s Go? Some claim that you are the “P. Diddy” of our city… How does that make you feel? What businesses do you own? Where were those ideas derived from?
A: Toe Let’s Go: Torron Wilson and Toe Let’s Go are very similar. My
kids and family know Torron Wilson, the hard working car salesman/ entrepreneur, but the streets know me as Toe Let’s Go, Lucky, Wyzooky,etc.  I go by a bunch of names(( LoL )) but being called the “P. Diddy of my city I take as a honor.  I’m not trying to be Diddy, but I admire what he stands for. His his work ethic and his hustle he’s the ultimate promoter.  I own V.I.P. motors and Let’s Go Entertainment. The ideas of my businesses come from my daily practices. I don’t look at what i do as a job because its just comes natural to me and I think about my next move even while a slumber. People that know me personally know that every time they see me I’m working… even if I’m just chilling. I love to cook and grill whenever I get a chance it’s relaxing. I get a chance to get in my mode. Some people think that I’m conceited, but that’s usually the ones who don’t really know me. I’m just confident in my self and what i do. “I think I’m pretty cool if you ask me!” ((LOL))
Q: Fantasy: What did your parents and grand parents instill in you as a child that you practice on a day to day basis?
A: Toe Let’s Go: My parents taught me to always follow my dreams and to go after what I want. My mom, Lenora Wykoff, is a hard worker and has been that way ever since I can remember. My dad, Carlos Wilson, whom a lot of yall already know is… “the real hustle man” is the ultimate hustler. He never stops… he’s worse than I am. They also taught me to be a leader that’s why I like the farce “Let’s Go!!” My grand mother taught me that  the number one rules to success are to stay on your path and to stay out of TROUBLE!

Q: Fantasy: What are the greatest joys of fatherhood and what advice would you give to fathers that choose to be absent(in terms of what they’re missing out on)?

Toe Let’s Go: I love spending time with my kids. I look forward to going home everyday to see what they gonna do or say next. They keep me on my toes.  As for fathers that are not in their kids’ lives, for what ever the reason, my advice to them is… try to work on seeing your kids because they need to experience life from your point of view and not just their mom’s side… especially if you have sons!
Q:Fantasy: Your children as young artists…. what makes you focus on positive rap music for them; as opposed to charting the trend of negative rap which is prevalent and “what sells?”

Toe Let’s Go: My sons chose to rap. I told them that as long as they do good in school and remain respectful… they can do and have what ever they want. I like to keep their music positive because they’re kids and they can make good music, still talk about fashion, cars and girls in a positive manner.  Positive music sells there isn’t a lot of it out there so its not as relevant as it should be.
Q:Fantasy: If you had to retrace your foot steps to success… where were you five years ago? What are you doing at present?

Toe Let’s Go: Well… five years ago I owned a preschool, a woman’s clothing boutique and worked at a car dealership. I always pretty much… kept myself busy. Nowadays I’m managing my sons trying to get their careers going, I promote events and I still sell cars. The only difference between then and now is that I’m married now and y’all know that’s a job within its self!…. ((LOL)) love ya Monique

Toe Let’s Go

Q:Fantasy:  If I gave you an ink pen and asked you to write the soundtrack to your life… which 8 songs(in sentence form) would you use to describe your journey… your future?
A:Toe Let’s Go: 
1.Hello Good morning – Diddy Dirty Money
2.Everyday I’m Hustling – Rick Ross
3.Empire State of Mind -. Jay Z
4, Beamer, Benz, Bentley – Lloyd Banks
5.Good Life – Kanye West
6.Successful – Drake
7.A Milli  – Lil Wayne
8.Run This Town – jay z
Q:Fantasy: New Orleans is crime plagued ( in your opinion)… What can aid in it’s cure? What are you doing/plan to do that you feel in your heart will make a difference?
A:Toe Let’s Go: All that I can say is… we all need to focus on our youth because they are lost. Our crime rate is high, but its mostly people under the age of twenty-five, but as young as twelve. When I was young I was afraid to do half of the stuff that these kids are doing right now. ((Shit)) I got my @$$ whooped when I was fifteen for having a beeper and now at fifteen… they have guns. These kids don’t have the fear of getting into trouble anymore. It starts at home and the respect has to be carried over into the streets. I do a lot of events for the youth almost every holiday or on special occasions. I also did an event similar to Teen Summit last year because there hadn’t been one since the year 2005. It was finally revived this year.
Q:Fantasy: You’re in a meeting with Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama, you’re awarded the key to the city of your choice and only 1 million dollars, your task is to increase African American business ownership… you have three months… which city will you choose and why? Where do you begin? How do you convince the masses that entrepreneurship is key?
A:Toe Let’s Go: First of all,  I would select New Orleans because we have a lot of opportunities here that we don’t take advantage of. I will show everyone how to get their minds off of the working class level and teach them to raise the bar. Instead of working at Baskin Robins you can own one. Instead of working at McDonald’s you can own it. It’s very simple… we have the resources at our fingertips and are afraid to use them. “I would get Oprah and Michelle to co- sign and that would be a wrap!” Y’all know that everything that Oprah touches turns to gold and with the first lady at her side.. “it’s gonna be platinum!”
Q:Fantasy: Do you have any closing remarks?
A:Toe Let’s Go: Yeah… I’m honored that you took the time out to interview me for your blog. We all need to start supporting each other in what ever it is that we set out to accomplish. It takes more energy to hate than to congratulate.

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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