Tru Kernell of LA 18 Says… “LA 18 is a Historical Brand…He Also Tells Us Why C. Murder was the Most Influential Person in His Life During His Childhood.”

Tru Kernell of LA 18 Says… “LA 18 is a Historical Brand…He Also Tells Us Why C. Murder was the Most Influential Person in His Life During His Childhood.”

Tru Kernell of LA 18

Tru Kernell of LA 18


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I had a candid conversation with Tru Kernell about the LA 18 snap back hat craze!!! It is quickly ranking in the tops, in terms of being Louisiana’s first round pick for favorite head gear. Don’t get it twisted… LA 18 has expanded and protected the domes (heads) of the industry’s elite! Some of these heavy hitters include Master P., Mia X, Jay Z, Juvenille, Mack Maine,  Lil Chuckee, DJ Mannie Fresh, Hurricane Chris, Kidd Kidd, Mystikal, Sess 4 5, DJ Crunch, Yella, and more!!! Did you know that Louisiana was the 18th state to get introduced to the United States?? How many of you love Frosted Flakes? In Tru Kernell’s opinion, they’re grrrrrrrr- eat!!!





I’m just a creative mother f#@ker… my mind is freaking awesome. I’m on it!— Tru Kernell

Q: Fantasy: Who is Tru Kernell? Where did you grow up? Tell us about your childhood? Who would you say was the most influential person in your life back then? Why?

Louisiana was the 18th state to get introduced to the United States.  I’m From the Calliope Project. I’m just a creative mother fucker. I grew up in the Calliope Project bakatown LD. I was a cool and different kid. If it was 10 of us my mind is somewhere else, while the other 9 minds on the same page, wanting to do the same things. My views in life were different, I knew where I was going . Corey Miller was the most influential person in my life back then. (C. Murder).  Being in the project I just couldn’t think beyond the project. When I met him by my dad not being there…, I mean he was there money wise, but not time wise. When I hooked up with him and started to travel the world I was like “Wow.” Being on the road with him opened my mind beyond just the project, beyond just New Orleans, and beyond Louisiana. That’s just something that I appreciate.


I was 13 when I got started. I had been drawing. I started doing shirts at like 13… 14. I built my name off of doing shirts. When I hooked up with C (C. Murder) that’s what my name also got built off (gained notoriety) … Some people know me from doing shirts, some people know me from working with C (C. Murder), and new people know me from having the hat line.

The name LA 18 was chosen because it’s broader.  They were going to go with something New Orleans, but we felt like we were putting ourselves in the box so LA 18 put us outside the box. It just made sense in a lot of areas. It made sense to the point where we could get in corporate stores. It made sense because it was something that represent history. It’s something that represent the past, present, and future. LA 18 is a brand that can be around years from now because we’re dealing with history; there’s no timeline on it.  We have a lot of people that love the culture of New Orleans. Anything you love about New Orleans or Louisiana… this is something you could wear proudly.  Don’t buy and you don’t know the meaning. If you purchase a hat, get the knowledge of what you’re wearing so that you could be proud of what you’re wearing, and be proud rocking it. You feel me?


My greatest challenge has been sticking to the plan.  I stick to my plan I get called selfish I’m so into it that I’ll forget your birthday. I’m on it! I’m learning how to balance. I learned that I’m a work- a- holic to the point where it causes problems. I will cut you off before I cut this off. ((LOL))  My greatest accomplishment is having people from New Orleans open up and represent something for Louisiana… to see that they’re embracing it.

Q:Fantasy: Just recently. I briefly interviewed you. The title of the write up was “If you’re successful beautiful/ handsome why are you single? Does marriage really work? Your response was a great one, but how do you keep the ladies off of you?

A: Tru Kernell: I keep the ladies off of me by focusing on my work… eventually they go away. ((LOL))  My definition of sexy a woman is one who’s comfortable. She cares less what other people say, what other people think.  She don’t have to put on for her city… she don’t have to do things to impress nobody.

Think and Grow Rich (by: Napoleon Hill) is my favorite book. . C. Murder is my favorite author. His book “Death Around the Corner” made me start reading. Every character in the book tells a story that we could all relate to. My hobby is doing t- shirts, I enjoy doing it. I don’t play games, games are distracting they get you off track. I don’t smoke or drink. The name, Tru Kernell comes from… we thought it would dope to put Tru in front of our names to brand it. I’m also known as Calliope. I designed the Tru logo years ago and started doing promotional shirts and bringing deals to the table at a young age.

I’m not a tag along (follower) I created my own avenue. I never want to be put in that begging box (group of people looking for hand- outs).  Tru Story DVD, The Movement DVD, The Truest $#!@ (shit) I Ever Said CD, Screaming 4 Vengeance album, and The Calliope album. He (C. Murder) would give me small things to do and I would go above and beyond. You think of something I would think of something to give a little more wow.

You could make it just like I can. People want to kill because they don’t think they could do what the other person is doing. You could achieve more if you put your fear to the side and go after whatever you want to do. My goal is to have everybody in Louisiana to buy at least one hat and I’ll be satisfied.Check out his website via www. Follow him On Instagram, trukernell, and @trukernell Twitter. I want everybody to go and get a hat with your income tax.


“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds.”

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