Work At Home in Your Pajamas As A Call Center Representative, Now Hiring!

Work At Home in Your Pajamas As A Call Center Representative, Now Hiring!


Working from home throughout the years has been one of my best kept secrets… until now

I am a stay at home, work at home mom – treprenuer
( mom entrepreneur) and have been for the past 5 1/2 years… I love it! Being able to do the things I’m most passionate about, while making clients/ potential clients happy, and homeschooling my daughter has been quite the treat. Balancing all of these things requires a lot of self discipline and self control, but can be very rewarding. You must have a great work ethic and be one who can multi- task and is not easily distracted. Be focused, committed, and dedicated and you will put your best foot forward. If you’re tired of burning your gas, leaving out of your house to go to work in in climate weather, and would rather sip your coffee stay in your pajamas with messy hair, and make money from the comfort of your home… this post is for you.



Stay at home moms love working from home and you will too.


Work At Home Mom

By the way, being a leader means that I wear many hats, but being a work at home call center representative will never interfere because I set my own schedule. You can work as much or as little as you’d like. So, the amount of your paycheck depends on you. Most clients only require you work a minimum of 15 hours per week with a minimum 5 hour weekend requirement. Talk about motivation! If you’re interested in working from home full time or just need a side hustle, and would like to know what tools are necessary for you to get started contact me now. ✒


Contact us now to learn more about available work at home opportunities.


Spolier Alert!

Okay! So I couldn’t help, but give you a few of the necessary tools which are viable for quality, training, and contract employment purposes… since this post has peaked your interest. So, I’ll start by saying you must train and yes, working from home does require a small investment. Is it some type of scam to make you spend money? Ummm… Hell no (excuse my foul language,) but no way Hosea! I would never back something which is a waste of your time, I don’t believe in, or doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Keep reading!


You work hard for your money so my intention is to help line your pockets not do something which will cause you to just give it all away, without nothing to show for it. I am a single mom so trust me, I know first hand how real the struggle can get. Bills won’t stop coming! Even if we all banned together and wished them away... unfortunately, our tireless efforts would be to no avail. I would really like to find the person who created bills so I can shove one up his/ her kishter! 😉


A list of necessary tools to help you work from home.


Invest in Yourself, Reap the Rewards

How is it an investment…? First and foremost, You will need to cover the cost of some of your courses. Well, you must also invest in all of the equipment which is essential for completing your online trainings. These apparatus will still come in handy even after you have successfully passed all tests and been accepted as a C.S. P. (certified service professional,) by whichever client you train for. Just to give you a heads up on the training equipment you will need I have compiled a small work at home list. Included in this line up is a v. o. i. p. (voice over internet protocol) headset with a noise cancelling microphone, category 5 (ethernet cable), DSL or faster internet speed from a trusted service provider such as AT & T


  • 1. V. o. i. p. headsets serve two main purposes. They allow you to hear & speak clearly to your instructor during your course training  and help you hear customers and vice versa when you actually begin receiving and/ making calls. How can you help a customer or resolve possible issues if you can’t hear them of they can’t hear you? The noise cancelling mics are set in place to filter out background noise. Customers don’t want to hear anything in your place of business except you typing and the sound of your pleasant voice. 🙂 Your place of business should be quiet at all times… no one deserves to feel as if they’re not well deserving of your undivided attention.


  • 2. Category 5 or ethernet cable wires should be long enough to reach the comfortable distance from your modem to where ever you plan to set up your in home office. These cables are what your training instructor and contract provider consider a “hard wired connection.” Hard wired connections serve several purposes. The main two is a “keep alive” internet connection without interruption and a safe connection for when you are logged into systems and viewing training materials or customer accounts. It is your responsibility to stay connected as much as possible and to keep customer’s information safe.


  • 3. DSL (digital subscriber line) or faster Internet service would be your best choice for connecting to the world wide web, completing training, and servicing a client. There are plenty of service providers out there. My personal recommendation is to use one that is top rated and grade A. I mentioned AT & T earlier because I used their services and so far have I’ve had a great experience.



The gift of time is on your side when you work at home.


The Big Finale

I know this has been a ton of information and I’m so glad you’re still awake. However, this valuable checklist and post will soon come to a close. It is my sincere hope that you were paying close attention to everything that was mentioned. -_- Once you have successfully passed most of your quizzes and are getting prepared to service your client, you should purchase a slim line phone with a an attached/ wired headset, equipped with a noise cancelling microphone. Your phone line should be “bare bones, ” (no caller ID, call waiting, or complete choice plans.) The company that I partner with to service all of my clients is Arise. So far, I have had a successful run with companies like Carnival Cruise Lines and Intuit Turbo Tax.


Arise does not partner with individuals so you would need your own legitimate and licensed corporation or you can possibly work under ours ( Keiani Model Management LLC ) just to get your feet wet, but you must qualify. Additionally, there is a $19.95 fee Arise charges every pay period ( twice a month) for the use of their systems. What does this fee entail? When you are servicing your client you will be looking up/ possibly making adjustments to client(s) accounts, researching information, and handling calls. During a regular work shift you will need to use 4 or more screens at a time, which will enable you to effectively perform all necessary job tasks. Also, included in this fee is 24 hour technical support, your scheduling system, and their office of accounting services. If you need help linking to our company email us for assistance [email protected].


Fees and Information Continued

Lastly, You will need to cover the cost of your training course. This fee is a one-time payment each time you elect to contract with a new or the same client after your contract has ended. The amount is based on the client you choose. For instance, some courses can range from $5 and above. I know you’re probably thinking it’s costly, but it is not. The investment is well worth it.

There is a voice assessment you must pass in order to qualify. After you’ve successfully passed the voice & customer service assessments; you will have an online instructor-led course which ranges from 10 days (for fast track classes) to 8 weeks depending on the client. Whether or not you get the contract depends on you and your performance during all training sessions. I hope this information answered your general questions and you’re just as excited about working from home as I was when I got started. You can purchase all necessary equipment below. Good luck!



Be a call center representative, but skip the office and work at home.

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Here is Everything You will need to get started



If this information has been helpful and you are more confident in working from home please tell us in the comments below! How can you benefit from working at home? Don’t forget to share this post and scroll to the footer so you can subscribe to our blog. More questions? Contact us here.

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