“Industry Influence #79 Recap!”

“Industry Influence #79 Recap!”

Industry Influence

Is a monthly music conference that is held every first Monday of the Month in New Orleans, La. at Republic NOLA (828 S. Peters St). It was founded in October of 2008 by Wild Wayne and Sess 4-5. Industry Influence creates an avenue for independent artist by assisting them in getting exposed in all aspects of the music business; from an educational standpoint. Attendees are granted the opportunity to network, get educated, and to view a showcase of some of the best talent that Louisiana has to offer.

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If you’re an artist that missed Industry Influence 79… hey let’s just say that you could’ve been a stack ($1000) richer. DJ E.F. Cuttin held it down on the 1’s and 2’s as always. If you didn’t know how to dance, this past Monday night, that changed forever. When E. F. Cuttin DJ’s somehow your feet and body develop a mind of their own. The artists/business spotlight is one of my personal favorites. It breaks the networking ice. There is something for everyone.


No worries! There may be another contest as such in the near future. Wait on it! In the mean time check out the recap.


Industry influence 79 was so awesome that it almost needs no introduction! We moved away from the traditional education panel, during this segment, and instead had a panel of legendary judges that crowned the hottest artist. One thousand dollars was up for grabs. The panelists were the legendary rapper/ songstress Ms. Tee (former first lady of Cash Money Records), Hit maker/ producer Beat Doctor (B.D.M.G.) the mastermind behind “I smoke, I Drank” and many other hits, and last, but not least the lyrical genius Fiend aka “Mr. Whomp Whomp.” Fiend is most noted for his time with No Limit Records and some of his international, chart topping classics including “Baddest Muthafucka Alive ” and “Won’t Be Denied.”


The “R U the Hottest Artist” performers that ripped up the stage and put the microphone to rest were King B., Trouble Man, Mystah Beez, AR 15, JP, Coolest, Banks, and Young Rope. There were also special performances by The 8-9 Boyz ft. Iris P., Young Sino, Sess 4-5 ft. B. Streezy, and Skip of UTP & 6 Ward Pook. It was a f#cki@g movie. You had to be there in order to understand where I’m coming from. Wait! Guess who won the money?


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Some of the performances.


And the winner is…


Don’t forget to join us for Industry influence next Month! It’s always full of surprises. 🙂

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