Tiffany “Fantasy” Clements Interviewed By: Shannon Williams Of Body In Motion Fitness

Tiffany “Fantasy” Clements Interviewed By: Shannon Williams Of Body In Motion Fitness

Good Evening! After speaking with you on yesterday felt the need to Blog about you…. Here Are Some ?’s




Interview by: Shannon Williams of Body in Motion


Q:Shannon Williams:

Who is Tiffany “Fantasy” Clements and what makes you who you are?

A: Fantasy :

I am a current college student majoring in both entrepreneurship and performing & media arts with a concentration in print/broadcast journalism, the talent agent for Keiani Model Management LLC and owner of I live a purpose driven life. I am not only one who possesses a strong desire to succeed… I am also passionate about helping others. What makes me who I am is the art of the beautiful life, the obstacles I’ve overcome, the struggle, my talents, family, friends and gifts that God has given me.

Q: Shannon Williams:

How long have you modeled for?

A:Fantasy : I began modeling in 2006 and decided to take a back seat and become a mastermind in jan. of 2010. My goal is to assist others in raising the bar and setting the tone.

Q: Shannon Williams: Now that you are in Business for yourself will you ever model again?

A: Fantasy : Now that I’m in the business as an entrepreneur I will continue to do what’s necessary to make certain that both my talents and company get the proper recognition. To answer your question as to whether or not I will ever model again… it’s a part of me and I model vicariously through each of my talents. I’ve never stopped… our journey has just begun

Q: Shannon Williams: How long have you been in business for yourself?

A: Fantasy : I’ve been in business since winter(Feb.) of 2010.


Fantasy… Continued

Q: Shannon Williams: Do you find it hard to do business here in the city of New Orleans?

A Fantasy : It is difficult to do business with those individuals/ companies that do not focus on career longevity or growth and treat their business(es) as a “hustle.” I endure minute challenges when it comes to conducting business with men. I feel that in part they are due to the fact that I’m a woman, but I keep p.(raying)u.(ntil)s.(omething)h(appens)’in.

Q: Shannon Williams: Are you married; do you have a special love one in your life?

A: Fantasy : I am in an open relationship with Keiani Model Management, but my heart will always be in the pumpkin patch.

Q: Shannon Williams: What schools did you attend? How was your childhood?

A: Fantasy : I attended Valena C. Jones, Andrew J. Bell and am a proud John F. Kennedy Senior High School graduate. I grew up in the 7th ward… my childhood was interesting. oh… the memories! My parents weren’t wealthy and they endured a lot, yet their struggles made me stronger.

Q: Shannon Williams: What other skills do you have?

A: Fantasy : I am a poet/writer hence, where my alias “Fantasy” was derived from, I can change oil and the list goes on.

Q: Fantasy : Are you a people person? Can you mingle with anyone?

A: Fantasy: I am the people person although I have the tendency to be somewhat standoffish. I can mingle with ages 3 to 103.

Q: Shannon Williams: What are the latest goals that you have for yourself and the business?

A: Fantasy : My goals for myself are to be more in alignment with Christ and to embrace life no matter what. My goals for Keiani Model Management and it’s talents thru Gods’ blessings. 

About Fantasy

Tiffany “Fantasy” Clements is an American journalist and Tastemaker… who specializes in developing creative content for websites, behind the scenes press, and event recaps. She’s also an innovator and the executive director of marketing and branding at Keiani Enterprises full-service agency. Tiffany has a knack for strategic planning and relevant content development, which leverages brands and helps small businesses propel forward. In her spare time when she’s not writing her fingers to the bone, over a Community cup of coffee, she swaps ideas with like-minded entrepreneurial peers in order to grow, learn, guide, and elevate. Follow her via social network by clicking any of the links below. Don't forget to say hello!

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