Dj Bomshell Boogie says… “When I Dj it Gives Me an Adrenaline Rush!”


Dj Bomshell Boogie

Q:Fantasy: Who is Dj Bomshell Boogie? At what point in your life, did you realize that you possessed enough talent to become a professional female mixologist? How long have you been a Dj and how does it make you feel? What inspires you?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: A black girl from New Orleans that loves music who found a way to make a career in it. I didn’t have anyone to show me. When I first purchased my turntables I would practice four hours a day, five days a week. I spent all of my money on turntables, but I just couldn’t get the hang (grasp the skill) of mixing. I felt as if I had wasted my money. I practiced and practiced. I got better… I began to learn more about myself, my hands and about the different sounds the records would make underneath my fingertips when I scratched. I soon realized that I had learned how to mix. Some of the first records that I mixed were “Seven Minutes of Funk” By: Eric B & Rakim, “Renee” By: The Lost Boyz and “Don’t make me over” By: Sybil. I was practicing and building my library. I got lost at record stores for hours; I wanted the “throw back jams!” I met Dj Real while he was Dj’ing  at the Shiloh. By that time I had been mixing for three years. I told him that I’ve been doing my thing at home and he said that I should spin in front of a live audience. I had my crate with all of my records in order. Mixing in front of the audience broke my fears because the audience was happy. They said that I was good. Once I received that great response from the audience… I that I had an amazing gift.  Dj’ing will forever be a learning process and I’m still learning. This would still be my hobby even if I weren’t a professional.

When I Dj… it’s better than sex. It gives me an adrenaline rush… especially when I get the crowd hype.  I love to display my style by doing tricks and getting energy from the audience. I literally get off on it. It’s so orgasmic.  My first event was at The Dragon’s Den.  People were really having a great time I lost my mind! I got so hype of off the energy that I couldn’t sleep… it’s a connection between my art, myself and the audience.

:Fantasy:  #orgasmic #really???  0_o  ((LOL))

Q:Fantasy:  How was life growing up? Where did you grow up and what schools did you attend? What’s your fondest childhood memory?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: Life growing up was interesting. I was a child in a situation. I went from house to house and lived with different people. I lived with both of my grandmothers and my best friend. I grew up in Gentilly, the 9th ward and 12th ward. There was no stability. Because of those experiences… I knew that I didn’t want to live a life as such. It made me want so much more for myself. I was on my own by the age of 17. God protected me. I could’ve met some one that wanted to take advantage of me. God kept me. I was blessed.  I attended Claiborne Elementary School, St. Mary’s Academy and Mc Donough 35. During my time at St. Mary’s I worked to keep up with the tuition and always got suspended because I wanted to be different. My hair was different and my clothes were different. I got expelled from St. Mary’s and went to 35. At Mc Donough 35 I had the best experience ever. . I could be myself and exist.  My mom had pulled away from me at this point, yet I was shown all of the love that I didn’t get at home.  My fondest childhood memory was laughing with my cousins. Those jokes were funny it was an uncontrollable laughter.

Q:Fantasy: As a child what did you aspire to be when you grew up? What other skills do you possess?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie:  I wanted to be a fashion designer. I love to sketch.  I still dream about it a little bit. I drew in class. I went to college and studied English Literature. I love to write and will write a book on my experience as a Dj someday. I help write resumes’ and I proofread. I went to Stevenson’s school of cosmetology. “I was good at doing hair, but I hated it!” I taught other students practical techniques. I applied for a job at Macy’s in the New Orleans Center. I had never done make up in my life, but successfully landed a job at the Lancome Paris counter. I was moved to the Lakeside Shopping center location. I learned techniques by watching other make-up artists. I worked in a salon for a few months after becoming a MAC make-up artist, one of the single best experiences in my life, I Dj’ ed on the side. I met some great friends at MAC. Some days I didn’t know how I was gonna pay my bills… working as an artist for MAC helped me meet people.  I did both make up and Dj’ ing from ages 18-26.

Q:Fantasy: What’s your favorite song? How does it relate to you?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: “Get By” By: Talib Kweli it has a Nina Simone sample in it.
It’s one of my all time favorites. It makes you feel  good to get by… Talib rapping, Kanye West on the beat and Nina Simone.

Q:Fantasy: What do you love most about life?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: The ever-growing process of learning… I learn about life as I live it. I never want to be stagnant.  I hope to learn something new every day as I grow older.

Q:Fantasy: How does your audiences response make you feel? What are some of the most memorable things that your fans have said to you?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: My fans ride for me. I play music… I’m a catalyst. The responses are overwhelming. People tell me that they love me or that they love all of my mix tapes. It makes me humble. I feel so blessed. I do it all for them. Knowing that they support me keeps me relevant and keeps me growing. My fans have been my motivation thru some of my toughest times. It’s as if they come thru for me whenever I’m going thru something (i.e. face book comments, etc.)

Q:Fantasy: If you could rewrite the history of African-Americans what would you change about our past? why?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: We focused so much on integrating that we lost sight of our own cohesiveness as a people. I’m totally for fighting against Jim Crow, the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) and police brutality. As some people left our communities and moved into elite communities it led to a crystallization of our ghetto. I wish that we would’ve created better communities for ourselves instead of creating others. The interpretation of the Civil Rights Movement vs. the truth from those who were actually a part of it differed.

Q:Fantasy: If you could run for political office what would you choose to become? What’s the first thing that you would change about the world?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: I can’t see myself running for office. I feel that no one cares about social change or real issues… it’s more of a career move.

Q:Fantasy: You’re on your way to the biggest gig of your career and about five minutes away from your exit… in the car in front of you the driver has a seizure then the car suddenly catches a fire, in the car next to you a man is threatening to shoot his wife and son, then turn the gun on himself. What do you do?

A: Do you keep going

B: Do you help the person next to you?

C: Do you help the person in front of you?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: You never know what you’d do until you get in that situation.  I just don’t know. Sometimes we are capable of doing things when we’re in certain situations that we never knew we were capable of doing. I would help anyone that needs my help no matter the cost. I don’t know how I would help, but I would. “What I do for myself… I would do for my brother.”

Q:Fantasy: How do you feel after being interviewed?  How do you think you fans will feel about you after reading this? How do you feel about sharing your total self with me?

A:Dj Bomshell Boogie: This was a good interview… it was cool. I was asked some things that I’ve never been asked before. I hope that this interview gives my supporters a little more insight as to who I am as a person… behind my craft. I am who I am… I can’t change that.  I offer what I offer to the world. I would like to make an impact within the lives of others. I feel that we were all put on Earth to share the light that lives within us. I want to do good and make contributions to the world before I die.

“We are passionate about beings that have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds!”

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